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From time to time, I'm asked by the head of various firms to design a program that enforces Discipline in the work place.

Here is a copy of a letter containing solutions that I recently sent to the director of a large U.S. hospital. 

Dear Dr. O.

I am an efficiency expert  hired by your hospital to evaluate how best to improve the professional conduct of your staff.
After much observation, I have developed a procedure best suited to the disposition of your subordinates.
While these methods were orthodox a half century ago, they have again found favor as an effective tool in enforcing rule and modifying behavior.

The following methods are to be implemented only with the full consent of the subordinate.  In addition, the subordinate is to be given the option to choose between these disciplinary actions - and termination.  Should they successfully fight the termination proceedings, the reprimand will, nevertheless, remain on permanent record.

First Offense.
Male or Female
Verbal Reprimand and Final Warning.

Second Offense.
Male or Female
Implement: Heavy Leather Paddle.
Bend the subordinate over a chair.  Over underwear deliver TWENTY hard and evenly measured blows with the Paddle.

Third offense.
Female Only
Implement/ Your Bare Hand
Take the subordinate across your knee and administer 
TWENTY-FIVE bare-handed spanks over the underpants.  Then pull down the panties and deliver FIFTY hard spanks with your bare hand on her bare bottom. Take care to hit repeatedly in the same spot until the behind becomes visibly red.

Third Offense.
Male Only
Implement/Leather Paddle
Position this willful offender - fully naked - and bent over with ankles grabbed and legs slightly apart.
Deliver TWENTY-FIVE forceful and evenly measured blows of the Paddle to the buttocks.
(Alternative: Kneeling, elbows on the floor and bottom presented).

There are no fourth chances.

No mercy under any circumstances.  These are the consequences of self indulgence, disrespect for authority and overall lack of maturity.
Unfortunate though it may be that such lessons were not understood in childhood, you will find the above methods yielding excellent results.  For the vast majority, the threat alone of Spanking Discipline is often sufficient and I've no doubt Dr. O., that you will have every success in bringing your workforce into line.

Truly Yours,

Georgia Cane
Behavioral Corrections Specialist

"A Hard Head Makes a Red Behind"
Georgia Cane Spanking Disciplinarian

All Things Spanking; Interview with Miss Georgia Cane

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