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(New York City , NY)

I previously shared with you that I believed the mid 1950's and '60's, had women who were more ladylike than they are today, and that some women, both young and mature, could use serious etiquette training with spanking Discipline and would be the happier for it.
Well 'what's good for the goose, is good for the gander' and just  as women are expected  to behave as ladies, men are required to be gentlemen; and if they don't know how, they should be spanked until they learn.

In his book, "Manners Mayketh Man", Edward John Hardy wrote of manners as being "...shadows of virtues, if not virtues themselves." In other words, good manners indicate that you  practice good conduct not only socially, but personally and professionally as well.  

Now I'm not saying to bring back the days of extreme chivalry,     

 or  borderline foppishness. 

But there are standards.  

 Once, schools turned out young men who were not only well  educated, but Disciplined.

A misbehaving student was sent to the school Disciplinarian. There in his office. he was instructed to bend over, pull down his  trousers and take the paddle to his bare bottom. Even then, he was congratulated for receiving his punishment stoically - without tears.  

The fundamental rules still apply and I am more than willing to enforce them.  

Here are the basics: Remove your hat in the presence of a lady or when you enter a room. Always walk with her on the traffic side of the street. Pull out her chair and open both entrance doors and car doors for her.

In my etiquette training, deviation from those simple rules will be met with one hundred and fifty (150) hard, bare handed smacks on your bare behind.

Dining Etiquette.  

When table manners are bad enough for your wife to relinquish hope.  Tell her to send you to me. She may rest assured that I'll take it from there.

The very first thing I'll do is put you over my knee, remove your underpants and deliver seventy five severe hand smacks on your bare behind, then  bend you over a bench for another twenty five lashes of my belt. After that, we will begin training. And yes, it's intense

but the next time you're dining at say Palm One, you will be the perfect companion.

 Realistically of course, no one can stop a healthy male's wandering eye, but when you're on a date and can't use discretion,  here is the lesson you will receive.

You will remove your underwear and step out. Bend from the waist and grab your ankles. Now that I see your bottom is in full view, I  thrash it with my birch. It stings. I see your welts and you howl in pain.  But I don't stop.  Because this is they way  boys learn.

I believe,  without a doubt, that women should routinely Discipline men and punish them for bad behavior to keep them in check.  


Because you men need reminding and few things reinforce cognition more than applying a bare hand, paddle, or birch  to your bare bottom.

And while you may, or may not, have gone to an English boarding school, a taste of spanking etiquette training will make it seem like you have; and that by itself,  will take you a very long way.

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn

Georgia Cane: Disciplinarian


  1. I just wanted to say that you are an amazing Woman. Thank you for your wisdom.An old fashioned education. I see many Men and Women ,Boys and Girls of today lacking direction and simply crying out to be taken across a good woman's knee. I'm sure if you had a hold of their ear we would all be better off for it.Removing the halo from their heads with a firm loving hand ,one bare rear end at a time.

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  3. Ms. Cane obviously has great insight into human nature. Adult spanking certainly could certainly serve a useful role in today's world. Why do so many people have difficulty recognizing this? Thank you Ms. Cane.

  4. Dear Ms. Cane;

    I admire your courage when it comes to speaking your mind about spanking. There are far to many parents who have given up on even mentioning spanking when it comes to domestic discipline because schools and the state have banned it. Too bad, because some of these self centered children of today could surely use a good bare bottom spanking. Thank you Ms. Cane for standing up for beliefs.

  5. I am regularly spanked but recently due to my behaviour my discipline has got more server due to get the nursery cane bare bottom Otk!
    This is a very babyish discipline but effective in agree with them statement boys learn when their bottoms burn
    l am learning!

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  7. Then by all means, you must continue with nursery cane; because boys learn from their bottoms!

  8. Recently had the nursery cane bare OTk I am now regulary disiplined in this manner i am not spanked any more only caned in this maner! slow learner!!