Friday, June 27, 2014


( New York City, NY)

Whether they admit this or not, it is clear to me that most husbands know when they need to be spanked. And by spanked I don't mean the playful, arousing, naughty kind. I mean the over the knee, bare behind walloping their mothers used to give with plenty of tears, kicking legs and begging that falls on deaf ears. The type which changes behavior. But, contrary to popular opinion, not all men marry their 'mothers' . And while I'm sure the women they've chosen have abilities, burning her husbands behind is simply not one of them. But then, that's what Disciplinarians are for.
Fair enough to say women admire Type A Personality men. It's both reassuring and seductive having a dominant, 'take charge, ' spouse around. But they can be a ;pain in the 'A' as well. And often the very things she finds attractive in him are also the cause of headaches. Confidence is arrogance. Understanding is condescending. Strong-will is overbearing. Caring is controlling. And sometimes he's just plain mean. He knows he should be disciplined. Believe me. But more than likely, he's not inclined to spank himself (and even if he were...). And ultimately, he's yours and you are responsible.
Here is the solution.
Either you will have a mature, experienced Disciplinarian teach you how to deliver a proper spanking
or I will spank him for you.
Give me your list of grievances. I will make it clear to him what's about to happen and why. Then be assured, when I am through putting him through his paces, he will be most considerate from then on.
Contrite, of course, but the happier for it because he has been brought back in line just as his mother used to do.
It's as I say. Most husbands need a good, bare bottom spanking from time to time and Alpha (Sigma too) So, if the wife would like spanking lessons, I'll teach her. But if she just can't spank his behind, even when he deserves it , then, on her behalf, I will put him over my knee, and spank his bare bottom for her.
Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


  1. I love your style, Miss Georgia. It's sobering to know what awaits when confronted with the possibility of a stern punishment.

  2. I received my first naked spanking over my wife's knee on our wedding night. On my 50th birthday my wife had me over her knee in my birthday suit on our living room couch, when in walked my mother-in-law. After my wife explained, she too wanted to wish me a happy b'day and over her knee I went as well. Now both spank me when they think I need it. markiee

  3. ha ha, love your style Georgia. My wife did just as you suggest and brought in a teacher to show her how to punish my lillywhite bottom. Being more comfortable (not sure that's the right word) receiving than giving, she found a whole new sexual confidence whilst locking my would be flailing legs to her hips and encouraging teacher to teach me the lesson I deserved to learn, and that confidence changed both our lives for the better. That was 28 years ago, long before the internet enabled such apparent kinks to seem commonplace, and I congratulate myself on having had such a wonderful and sexy wife, and would gladly offer my naked bottom up to your hand, should I ever get to New York, knowing full well that my wife would be up there somewhere, willing my legs apart and locked in place, and saying 'come on, make the bitch squirm, make him beg, make him cry like a baby'. Keep up the good work :)

  4. I once asked my Dom to , er, service me. Well, I paid for that. Next visit, I had to write my assigned punishment on her blackboard. Fifty whacks , and not play ones either.

    That was fifty with a heavy wooden paddle. Then another thirty with a thick strap. I was really bruised, and couldn`t sit easily for a week.

  5. I met my lovely wife to be 3 years ago and were married a year later! Within a few months it was clear she was the boss! I soon felt her hand slap my bottom when I turned up late for a date! The hand smack occured several times then one day we arranged to meet for a run in the park and I was late again! She gave me a good telling off and she then gave gave me 3 slaps on each buttock-they stung as i was wearing thin shorts! After she pulledme over her knees and spanked me by hand and with herhair brush she took out of her backpack insisting on looking at the marks on my well rounded bare buutocks! My face was as red as my bottom! i took her home to meet my Mum and they met whilst shopping a couple of weeks later and had lunch! Mum apparently told her all about me and how she used to give me the cane at home until I was 20 and on my bare bottom always making sure it really hurt ! My wife to be was delighted to hear this and followed Mums advice to do the same-send him home to fetch the cane when ever you want it ! 'J.'was not slow to take advantage of the offer and I blushed and felt so embarrassed the first time I had to do so Mum was very pleased ! J. must have practiced because she took charge of proceedings! .I had to stand in front of her and she took my trousers down and my underpants commenting on the condition of you know what ! I had to bend over the kitchen table and she swished the cane down sharply on my bare buttocks and thighs 1 She gave me 15 cuts which had me gasping and crying out wriggling ,twisting and stamping my feet . She gave me two penalty cuts as well My bum was burning and sore for 3 or 4 days ! Well that was the painful start of our relationship which continues vey happily and we love each other more and more !