Sunday, September 28, 2014


(New York City, NY )

I'd like to clear the air.

In my opinion, it's as appropriate to spank an adult on the bare bottom as it is to spank a child.

 When a parent spanks  their boy or girl on their bare bottom ,   it should be of no great  surprise that they desire this for themselves as adults.
In part, because it became  a form of self discipline; associated with care and positive results and yet  the way it's carried out is as private and unique as they are.

What was good for the child, is now good for the adult  in the same ways and for the same reasons.

Age is but a number after all.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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  1. Hi
    I have read your entire blog and it is filled with good basic advice and principles of adult discipline. You remind me of a woman I am no longer with who believed strongly in spanking and discipline and often told me there was no problem that couldn’t be solved with a bare bottom over a ladies lap. I believe most men need the strict firm and discipline you advocate although many have conflicts about accepting it as I once did myself and now regret. I hope you continue to blog and provide a vision of how it can work for the many men who both need it and need to hear it from a woman who has seen the results discipline brings. Thanks for the blog.


  2. Dear Georgia Cane,

    I know I'm late in discovering your blog, but I wanted to say that I couldn't agree with you more in your advocacy of bare bottom spanking, whatever the age of the miscreant. As a boy, I was only ever threatened with spankings, even though my mother and my oldest sister both had cause more than once to take down my pants and warm my naughty bottom. I was punished instead with the withdrawal of their affection, leaving me feeling bad about myself as a person rather than simply regretting my behaviour.

    I honestly believe I would've benefited from having my bottom soundly spanked. I was a shy, sensitive sort of child with an ideal build for over-the-knee correction. In the absence of the disciplinary bum warmings I knew I deserved, I developed an increasingly commanding fascination with traditional bare bottom spanking. Just seeing the word "SPANKING" on the cover of a parenting magazine left me spellbound. By the age of 13, I'd begun secretly paddling and strapping my bare backside, most often in my parents' bedroom (they both worked) where mirrors could be arranged to give me a perfect view of the intoxicating target.

    When I was 14, my mother privately confronted me one day with a certain paperback I'd forgotten in the bathroom. To my face, she asked me if I felt I'd "missed out by never getting a bare bottom spanking." I melted in a puddle of shame and was told to "stop being silly."

    By way of a ten-year marriage and subsequent sessions with professional female dominants, I eventually realized my dream of having my pants taken down and my bare bottom smacked, paddled and strapped. Without word of a lie, the female lap became my place of worship.

    I sincerely regard bare bottom spanking as a purely natural form of educative correction. Because I wasn't spanked as a boy when I should've been, I grew up without ever properly learning the critical lesson of Actions & Consequences. I never had my impulsiveness spanked out of me, and it made for some unhappiness down the road.