Thursday, August 6, 2015

REGULAR PUNISHMENT SPANKING: Not Because You Did But Because You Might.

It's my firm belief many of you could do with regularly administered corporal spanking punishment; not because you have misbehaved or fallen short ; but because you might.

Everything you do has a consequence - both good and bad - and 
life is merciless, as you know.  Procrastion, lack of integrity , dishonesty and defeatism will guarantee to bring the hammer down. 

And the very last thing you want is to act as your own worst enemy. 
Better instead  to endure the blows for strength rather than weakness. 

 For that you will need  detached yet concerned Disciplinarian who will toughen you up and keep you walking the straight and narrow. 

Many of you had Mothers who provided you with regularly scheduled discipline. On a specific night you took your bath and waited for her in your room. Then she delivered the bare bottom corporal punishment required and you understood she did this not to be cruel, but to see to it you weren't  tempted to falter by mischief or weakness.
Today, enduring the blows and lashes of a strict Disciplianarian's 
correction serves as the same reinforcement. 

The sting of a leather belt or heavy blows of a Tawse repeatedly striking on your bare bottom will prepare you for whatever  comes.  You will be tough, focused and clear. You will not ask life for leniency you will meet the challenge, over come  circumstances, and  conquer enemies ( who are here to keep you sharp).
Regularly scheduled corporal discipline helped many of you become the success you are today.  What worked as a child works as an adult.
I believe , as did your mother, that  in these unforgiving times,  regularly scheduled Corporal Punishment will hold many of you in good stead.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane




  1. Georgia, whether I need it or not, a mistress spanks me once a month with a bath brush + other things! She makes my butt very sore with welts that last for days! This is to remind me what happens if I'm naughty! If I'm really naughty, I can expect my butt to be even more sore with more welts, swollen + black + blue that will last a week or longer! Actually, I am due for a spanking very soon! It will be up to her to decide if I've been naughty + how severe the spanking will be! However, I have a feeling that i will be getting a very, very, very severe spanking! John56

  2. Georgia, sometimes I get spanked for no reason + sometimes I get spanked for being a naughty boy! This is done by a mistress at. least once a month with a bath brush + other things! As bad as my bottom looks and feels from a regular spanking, it looks and feels at least twice as bad when she gives me a naughty boy spanking! She has told me that I am to see her for a naughty boy spanking within the next couple of weeks or so! I can only imagine what my bottom is going to feel + look like after this spanking! John56