Sunday, January 24, 2016


 Relativity applies to physics not ethics

-Albert Einstein-

When the new year roles in, people resolve the usual; to diet, or quit smoking, to exercise more often or to stop procrastinating  but how many will resolve to be ethical?  Sound trivial?  Probably but  it may be of more consequence than you know. Think it this way.  Ethics are a form of discipline. Without ethics, you're more easily tempted to justify that small misdeed; and should all go well, you will justify another.  Now welcome to the slippery slope of catastrophe where bedlam awaits you with open arms.   

It is my belief that ethics should be taught early and reinforced regularly; and as a Disciplinarian, it is also my opinion that the most effective means of teaching ethics is punishment. 

Of course, there are those who are truly incorrigible.  They are either immune to punishment or  they relish it.  By and large however, most of us would rather live in the ease of  a clear conscious  than turmoil by day and insomnia by night.   

Because when you fudge the numbers or remove the item that 'won't be missed'  you move closer to the invisible line; and next time - there's always a next time - you step closer.  It's in increments your judgement erodes until there is none left  to speak of.  Soon you're doing things you never thought you'd do, in places you never thought you'd be; with people you never wanted to know.

No matter how frantically you claw up the slope, the bottom speeds upward to your face.  Tragic yes,  but  avoidable. When you're held accountable by a strict authority, these things don't happen. 

 I suggest you report to a Disciplinarian for preventative punishment and regularly present your bare bottom to the unyielding lash of her belt, paddle and/or  cane until your cheeks are evenly bruised, marked and welted.  In this way you will hold to acceptable ethics and practices and never again will you live in turmoil and pandemonium.   

Better to endure instructive blows of a concerned authority than coping a plea to a vengeful one because, in such cases such as these, punishment is the way we learn. 

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane 
Currently undergoing maintenance. 






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