Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Election time is here and,  as a Disciplinarian,  I'm reminded of how some  politicians can be as willful and disobedient as children.  They will not pay attention unless they see candy and filibuster when they can't have their way.  They will not do their homework  and carefully read bills before signing , or be in attendance to  vote for or against them.

Therefore, like children, an authoritarian is  needed to see to it they properly behave; and as I am sure  you're aware,  that enforcer is referred to as The Whip.

Unfortunately, the Whip's means of  behavioral  correction has it's limitations and it's my belief, for the more heard headed cases,  a strict, no nonsense spanking Disciplinarian is required. The Whip gives free reign to deliver punishment as the Disciplinarian sees fit; and deliver she does. 

The errant officeholder is taken to a small office consisting of blackboard, desk and chair known as The Motivation Room.
Upon entering trousers and underwear are removed and he stands in position;  bare bottom, feet apart, eyes forward and hands behind back - as she reads his misdeeds.

Consequences for bad behavior are as follows.
For demanding candy:  Present hands - palms up - to endure five swats each of the tawse.  Then, over the desk for seventy five smacks of the wood paddle and twenty lashes of leather belt on the bare bottom.  Next bare bottom exposed to the blackboard writing one hundred  times, "I will pay attention." Then over the knee again  and fifty-five bare handed smacks for good measure.

For not getting your way and filibustering:  A hard bare bottom spanking until your behind is good and sore and nose in the corner  until she tells you otherwise.   

Not doing homework and having the temerity of signing bills you haven't read: Over the chair you go to be thrashed with razor strap until  she believes  your bottom is sufficiently bruised and tender.  Next; sprayed with alcohol, followed by the sting of a rattan cane.   Then, with  welts raised, you sit painfully on the hard wooden chair and reiterate to her the  reason for correction.

For absenteeism and the failure to vote on legislation: naked; legs spread; hands on ankles; bottom in full view and twenty lashes of the strap for every single bill which has escaped your attention.

All for the best.

At the behest of the Whip, the Disciplinarian helps to see that things run  smoothly and provides intensely motivating corporal punishment.   Together Whip and Disciplinarian create the same sound, structured environment required to raise well behaved children and errant politicians .

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane    





  1. Miss. Cane,
    You scare me. I will behave myself always.

  2. Very good Heather.

    And remember; well behaved girls have nothing to fear.

  3. I read this blog post and didn't have much of a reaction; I'm not a politian.��
    Well last night I dreamt that I took a car that didn't belong to me for a joy ride and got caught (totally out of character). I had to face the local judge and she gave me 3 options, 30 days in county lock up, pay a $3,000.00 fine or meet with the court disciplinarian. With a smirk I quickly picked the court disciplinarian thinking how bad could it be. My smug countenance immediately fell when Ms.Cane stepped from behind the side door to collect me. The punishment I was to receive was exactly how you described above. The tears that ran from my eyes as I walked down the hall towards your punishment room did nothing for my fate. I'm glad I woke up before the pain started.

  4. Well thank goodness that, for you, it was only a dream.