Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Stop Being Impulsive!

 By now you're aware the punishment exceeds the crime, yet still you give in to that momentary rush of pleasure with regret tagging at the heel.  As a Disciplinarian, I believe in thinking things through to their logical conclusion or in suffering the consequences.  Make no mistake. There are consequences for everything you do or don't do.  Be it be good  or bad, they carry  weight.   You always mean well but then, out of nowhere, your resistance seems to dissolve into a wave of adrenaline that floods the mind and weakens the core.  And that's when authority steps in to deliver the tongue lashing you need to end the temptation and snap back reality.

Reality is indifferent. It makes no exemptions and respects no holidays.  Your pants don't  care why you had baked beans and potato salad at the BBQ.  They don't fit.   Purchasing a shoe in every color  won't ever excuse wearing bright green pumps; and your head will show no compassion while it pounds you to near insanity for having one too many at that party.

 You needn't live in fear.  Stop before you start. If you can't curb your actions, I suggest you call a Disciplinarian to do it for  you: "Instead of more baked beans and potato salad; just eat cement. "While ordering that drink bear in mind,  broken capillaries is not a good look for anyone"; " Leave the green shoes where they are.  No ones bought them for a reason"

 A few such verbal smack downs will suffice until you receive the burning, bare bottom spanking you need to physically subdue your impulses, clear your mind and bring your emotions under control.
But whenever urgent attention is called for; only a severe tongue lashing will do to restrict your impetuousness and free you from trading a moments gratification for days of regret.


Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Interview In All Things Spanking



  1. Miss.Cane,
    I always listen to what my flesh calls for.....HELP!!!!!!!!!
    I love to eat candy and junk all the time and have no self comtrol!!!!! At ALL!!!!!!!!!

  2. Later for the flesh.
    You need to call and be held accountable. But if you're in a frenzy and can't stop; pour dish washing liquid in that bag of donuts . And if you want them after that, you have my permission.