Monday, July 18, 2016


It's mid-summer.  January first is long ago and it's time now to review the progress you've made on your new year's resolutions.

As always, your resolution was admirable. You vowed to cease the sort of temper tantrums and veiled threats that drove your last assistant to substance abuse.  A selfless goal indeed and one you managed to master - for a while.   Once your enthusiasm waned the insufferable habits returned.

As a Disciplinarian, it's clear to me that your own best efforts were not nearly enough. To fully realize your goals,  you'll need punishment, not for the sake of cruelty but rather your own good.

Given the circumstances,  you should be punished where you do your mischief: in the office.  This way,  from the time you arrive in the morning,  until the time you leave at night, you're reminded of the heavy, paddle smacking your bare behind and remember to behave.

Backsliding happens to a degree,  but when you act like a baby too big for his diapers,  it's time a formidable Disciplinarian to brings you back in line. In other words,  prepare to be spanked and spanked soundly.

 At the end of the day, she is waiting at your secretary's station with paddle, strap and cane neatly on the desk.
She reminds you that fits and spells have consequences and tonight you'll see what they are.

You will pay attention and remove your shoes, belt and trousers.  She positions herself in your secretary's chair and over her knee you go. First a few hard, barehanded smacks on your bottom; then underpants down.  Your bottom is now exposed in the office you work. You pray only she is eyeing the view.

A strict and angry woman maniacally slaps your bottom turning your resolve to tears.   Telling her you're sorry does you no good.    That's because sorry is good but remorse is better.

It's time to remove your shirt, step out of your shorts, and bend over the desk.  The next thing your tender cheeks feel is the sharp sting of a leather strap, ten blows of a wooden paddle, and ten of the best with the cane. Now you feel remorse.

But tears of remorse are cathartic. They'll serve to clean your spirit, and free you to enjoy the summer days ahead. 

After a thrashing like this, you're back on track and to see your resolutions through.  

And of course, there's always the extra added bonus of a nicely burning bottom.  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Georgia Cane Spanking Disciplinarian


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