Saturday, February 22, 2014


(New York City , NY)

It's time you did something about your temper.

When you find yourself apologizing, time and again,  for losing your temper,  it's a safe bet you're not being sincere, but instead,  indulging in your slightly sadistic side. Don't be too alarmed. This is a streak most of us are born with and, in fact, little children take pleasure in the act of  hitting.  That is until they learn such actions have consequences.

As children  get older, some of this aggression becomes verbal.  This is about the time mother  said things to you like, "watch your words" or " don't be rude." More often than not, these admonitions were  followed closely by a spanking or two and eventually, you learned to control your tongue.  

However some of you, only hid this tendency, and now that you're  adults -  with few deterrents - you  give free reign to your tantrums; screaming  at colleagues, spouses and  staff alike;  at times even making some cry.   Afterward, under the pretense of remorse,  you will apologize in order to save face and try to appease your conscience.  

That doesn't work because, deep down, you know better and your conscience can't be fooled.  Now you feel guilt but  guilt, without punishment, creates burden.  Burden is hard to carry and should be relived.   

Therefore,  just as when you were a child, you must be punished,  and this punishment must be serious, strict and thoroughly beyond your control. 

 I suggest you present yourself before a strong and capable woman; one who will take no guff -  bend you over her knee and  spank  your bare bottom severely. Spank it until the pain wipes out your brain ,  tears flow  and your red behind is hot and stings to the touch.  Kicking and begging  will not stop the blows and when she decides she's  done,  you are  weak and unable to sit comfortably for days. 

 That is the way to truly atone.   Then you will be  guilt free, relived of burden and  enjoy  a cleared mind and a clean conscience.

          It will  behoove you to bear this in mind, because the day of reckoning is at hand and the apologies  you make for your verbally sadistic behavior are woefully inadequate.  

 A  good, hard,  over the knee, bare bottom spanking is the only thing that will ever set the record straight,

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