Thursday, December 22, 2016


We may think we understand our actions and the reasons why we do the things we do; but not always.  You may even believe that, by now, your personalities are set in stone as you seem to become more rigid with every passing year. And you may even tell yourselves that you're just "set in your way" but this too is not necessarily the case.  As a Disciplinarian, I know this: habits can be broken and Discipline changes behavior.  Think of your brain as a kind of computer. Now imagine your bottom the hard drive.  Not unlike clearing and resetting your computer from a virus;  a spanking reconfigures your brain, and age does not matter.   Even the most deeply entrenched habits of mature men and women are changed and not for a week,  month or for a year. They are changed for a LIFETIME.

Your brain has been programmed (like a computer) for quite a while.  Make no mistake.  It takes no shortage of expertise to access and replace the negative input with the positive.  Experience has proven that sound verbal correction along with regular application of the Belt, Paddle, Tawse or Cane on the bare bottom, is the best method; which is why clients tell me that I've done more for them in a single spanking than they've received from years of talk therapy.

The difference being:  I don't care WHY you're destructive.  I see to it that it,  that you STOP!

 Cognitively, your brain doesn't realize what it's doing.  You're engaging in patterns which keep repeating, even though you're well aware that they're ruining your life  ("Westworld").  Strict Spanking Discipline breaks you of those patterns by reprogramming you to disengage.

 Your brain is the frog that sits in the pan of slowly heating water. Habit is familiar and familiar is comfortable until, of course,  it isn't. Habits come in two ways:  Compulsive behavior; like throwing temper tantrums, eating when you aren't hungry, overspending or excessive time on the internet; and addictions such as cigarette smoking, drugs, and alcohol.
In the same way, the spankings your mother gave you as a child ( or a  least should have) set the boundaries you dared not cross; as an adult, a good sound, no-nonsense bare bottom spanking can now break you of those habits to keep you on course.  Spanking is not, I repeat not abuse. It should be delivered only on the bare bottom and never to the point of obviously sadistic physical injury.

That being said,  behavioral spanking is not playful and although every threshold is different,  a spanking hurts; which is unconsciously the precise reason why you behave long after your sore bottom is a vague memory.  You will, however, remember the consequences you paid when you stepped out of line.

In some cases, a single lesson works; for others, weekly, monthly or bi-yearly are in order. In any event, after the initial goal has been accomplished a degree of maintenance will be required.
Nevertheless, your burden is lifted,  your mind is at rest, you're free from compulsion and most importantly, your brain is reset.

Smooth sailing from then on.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


To all my miscreants, incorrigibles and delinquents; naughty boys,  fresh girls and you who keep forgetting your manners:
Report for your discipline at my new, private, downtown Manhattan location. 

It's the perfect place to take you in hand and redden your misbehaving, bare bottom with my belt, hairbrush, paddles, tawse or cane. 

You may plead all you like, but there'll be no one to hear you except me.  

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn, 
(and girls do too).  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

(And now we will return to our regularly scheduled program)

Sunday, September 4, 2016


You like to roam. You like to stray down dark alleys and wander through doorways; and you're especially fond of visiting places where you shouldn't be.  The next day brings a few pangs of guilt so you say you won't do it again, although mainly because you know the consequences will outweigh the crime.  But then the call of the wild returns.  It's becoming a habit; of the kind that must be broken.  Because habit leads to compulsion;  compulsion leads to addiction and addiction leads to disaster.  You must make a decision.  Either suffer the consequences of private humiliation, financial loss and public ridicule or submit to the authority of an iron-fisted disciplinarian who will curb your prowling and keep you in line.

Realize that, as an adult, penalties for bad behavior are more costly than when you were a child.  There are wives or husbands and careers to consider, not to mention social standing ; whatever yours happens to be.

It's said, that we are free to choose our actions but not free to choose the consequences of our actions.  I believe, as a disciplinarian,  that punishment should be measured to you like a finely tailored suit but never executed according to your specifications, instead only to hers.

Now some of you may need going over the knee for a few good, sound , smacks of a bare hand to your bare bottom until your cheeks are red and tender and then perhaps a wooden hairbrush or paddle to finish the job.  Still others require harsher measures such as bending your bare bottom over a chair to have it lashed twenty times with a hard leather strap and that followed by twenty five slow, methodical blows of a wide leather paddle. 

But for miscreants, more draconian methods must be applied. That means laying down on a couch or bed for twenty lashes on the bare bottom with a thick Scottish tawse - a few seconds rest - then over a chair for twenty of the best with the cane.

Transgressions are not taken lightly.   

So the next time  you feel the urge to cruise,  end up in the hands of a serious disciplinarian; one who will burn your behind, reset your brain and bring your prowling under control. Now your bottom is warm, you're mind is clear, you're free from compulsion and the guilt is gone.  

There are consequences which are good after all.  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


NYC Spanking Disciplianarian


Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Here you are again - like a chicken with it's head cut off -  running for the airport.  That's because, as usual, you've timed things down to the last minute and now you're in a frenzy.  For all you're micro managing, you failed to anticipate the car being five minutes late, the traffic delay on the highway and the time it sometimes takes to get through customs.  It's useless to sit there barking directions at your driver, but if you stop for another light, you'll jump out and run the rest of the way.  This behavior is compulsive, tiring and yet so counterproductive that I believe it must be some sort of dopamine rush. Whatever the cause, it has got to stop.  If it's a panic attack you require, I suggest having one that will do you some good.  By that I mean find a strict, no nonsense, female  authority, who'll take down your pants, like the grown child you are,  and deliver a serious spanking on your bare bottom  - to tears and more - until you understand that you are not always the one in control;

and as a Disciplinarian, I suggest that since you're a frequent traveler,  you do it soon, or if I have to, I will do it myself. 

Disciplinarians teach through consequences.  When the natural result of poor decisions don't seem to change your ways, a leather belt or hairbrush or even a tawse or cane should also be applied.  Then each transgression must be addressed at a time. 

For the umpteenth headache you've given your wife with your insanely complex travel arrangements, your pants are to be removed and you are taken over her knee.  Her leg is long enough to wrap around both of yours and lock you securely in place. 
Then comes seventy five smacks of her bare hand to your bare bottom; and when your hand wanders back to save your cheeks from her repeated slaps, she'll grab it in her fist and continue to redden your behind. Plead all you want.  She will not hear you.

For accusing the driver of making you late;  fifteen lashes of a thick leather strap and for back seat driving, ten. 
However, since dopamine you crave, she will beat your badly burning bottom with five blows of thick Scottish tawse;  (one lash, may make you see stars) followed by five of the best with a cane.

You learn from your bottom because it smarts to the touch for days but now your mind is clear, your tension is gone and you know what it takes to never be late again.  


Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

Monday, July 18, 2016


It's mid-summer.  January first is long ago and it's time now to review the progress you've made on your new year's resolutions.

As always, your resolution was admirable. You vowed to cease the sort of temper tantrums and veiled threats that drove your last assistant to substance abuse.  A selfless goal indeed and one you managed to master - for a while.   Once your enthusiasm waned the insufferable habits returned.

As a Disciplinarian, it's clear to me that your own best efforts were not nearly enough. To fully realize your goals,  you'll need punishment, not for the sake of cruelty but rather your own good.

Given the circumstances,  you should be punished where you do your mischief: in the office.  This way,  from the time you arrive in the morning,  until the time you leave at night, you're reminded of the heavy, paddle smacking your bare behind and remember to behave.

Backsliding happens to a degree,  but when you act like a baby too big for his diapers,  it's time a formidable Disciplinarian to brings you back in line. In other words,  prepare to be spanked and spanked soundly.

 At the end of the day, she is waiting at your secretary's station with paddle, strap and cane neatly on the desk.
She reminds you that fits and spells have consequences and tonight you'll see what they are.

You will pay attention and remove your shoes, belt and trousers.  She positions herself in your secretary's chair and over her knee you go. First a few hard, barehanded smacks on your bottom; then underpants down.  Your bottom is now exposed in the office you work. You pray only she is eyeing the view.

A strict and angry woman maniacally slaps your bottom turning your resolve to tears.   Telling her you're sorry does you no good.    That's because sorry is good but remorse is better.

It's time to remove your shirt, step out of your shorts, and bend over the desk.  The next thing your tender cheeks feel is the sharp sting of a leather strap, ten blows of a wooden paddle, and ten of the best with the cane. Now you feel remorse.

But tears of remorse are cathartic. They'll serve to clean your spirit, and free you to enjoy the summer days ahead. 

After a thrashing like this, you're back on track and to see your resolutions through.  

And of course, there's always the extra added bonus of a nicely burning bottom.  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Georgia Cane Spanking Disciplinarian


Do It...or Else!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Stop Being Impulsive!

 By now you're aware the punishment exceeds the crime, yet still you give in to that momentary rush of pleasure with regret tagging at the heel.  As a Disciplinarian, I believe in thinking things through to their logical conclusion or in suffering the consequences.  Make no mistake. There are consequences for everything you do or don't do.  Be it be good  or bad, they carry  weight.   You always mean well but then, out of nowhere, your resistance seems to dissolve into a wave of adrenaline that floods the mind and weakens the core.  And that's when authority steps in to deliver the tongue lashing you need to end the temptation and snap back reality.

Reality is indifferent. It makes no exemptions and respects no holidays.  Your pants don't  care why you had baked beans and potato salad at the BBQ.  They don't fit.   Purchasing a shoe in every color  won't ever excuse wearing bright green pumps; and your head will show no compassion while it pounds you to near insanity for having one too many at that party.

 You needn't live in fear.  Stop before you start. If you can't curb your actions, I suggest you call a Disciplinarian to do it for  you: "Instead of more baked beans and potato salad; just eat cement. "While ordering that drink bear in mind,  broken capillaries is not a good look for anyone"; " Leave the green shoes where they are.  No ones bought them for a reason"

 A few such verbal smack downs will suffice until you receive the burning, bare bottom spanking you need to physically subdue your impulses, clear your mind and bring your emotions under control.
But whenever urgent attention is called for; only a severe tongue lashing will do to restrict your impetuousness and free you from trading a moments gratification for days of regret.


Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Interview In All Things Spanking


Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Election time is here and,  as a Disciplinarian,  I'm reminded of how some  politicians can be as willful and disobedient as children.  They will not pay attention unless they see candy and filibuster when they can't have their way.  They will not do their homework  and carefully read bills before signing , or be in attendance to  vote for or against them.

Therefore, like children, an authoritarian is  needed to see to it they properly behave; and as I am sure  you're aware,  that enforcer is referred to as The Whip.

Unfortunately, the Whip's means of  behavioral  correction has it's limitations and it's my belief, for the more heard headed cases,  a strict, no nonsense spanking Disciplinarian is required. The Whip gives free reign to deliver punishment as the Disciplinarian sees fit; and deliver she does. 

The errant officeholder is taken to a small office consisting of blackboard, desk and chair known as The Motivation Room.
Upon entering trousers and underwear are removed and he stands in position;  bare bottom, feet apart, eyes forward and hands behind back - as she reads his misdeeds.

Consequences for bad behavior are as follows.
For demanding candy:  Present hands - palms up - to endure five swats each of the tawse.  Then, over the desk for seventy five smacks of the wood paddle and twenty lashes of leather belt on the bare bottom.  Next bare bottom exposed to the blackboard writing one hundred  times, "I will pay attention." Then over the knee again  and fifty-five bare handed smacks for good measure.

For not getting your way and filibustering:  A hard bare bottom spanking until your behind is good and sore and nose in the corner  until she tells you otherwise.   

Not doing homework and having the temerity of signing bills you haven't read: Over the chair you go to be thrashed with razor strap until  she believes  your bottom is sufficiently bruised and tender.  Next; sprayed with alcohol, followed by the sting of a rattan cane.   Then, with  welts raised, you sit painfully on the hard wooden chair and reiterate to her the  reason for correction.

For absenteeism and the failure to vote on legislation: naked; legs spread; hands on ankles; bottom in full view and twenty lashes of the strap for every single bill which has escaped your attention.

All for the best.

At the behest of the Whip, the Disciplinarian helps to see that things run  smoothly and provides intensely motivating corporal punishment.   Together Whip and Disciplinarian create the same sound, structured environment required to raise well behaved children and errant politicians .

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane



Monday, February 1, 2016


My website,, is repaired and available for viewing. 


For information,  regarding disciplinary and/or monitoring services 

I may be reached at: 

Thank You

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


Sunday, January 24, 2016


 Relativity applies to physics not ethics

-Albert Einstein-

When the new year roles in, people resolve the usual; to diet, or quit smoking, to exercise more often or to stop procrastinating  but how many will resolve to be ethical?  Sound trivial?  Probably but  it may be of more consequence than you know. Think it this way.  Ethics are a form of discipline. Without ethics, you're more easily tempted to justify that small misdeed; and should all go well, you will justify another.  Now welcome to the slippery slope of catastrophe where bedlam awaits you with open arms.   

It is my belief that ethics should be taught early and reinforced regularly; and as a Disciplinarian, it is also my opinion that the most effective means of teaching ethics is punishment. 

Of course, there are those who are truly incorrigible.  They are either immune to punishment or  they relish it.  By and large however, most of us would rather live in the ease of  a clear conscious  than turmoil by day and insomnia by night.   

Because when you fudge the numbers or remove the item that 'won't be missed'  you move closer to the invisible line; and next time - there's always a next time - you step closer.  It's in increments your judgement erodes until there is none left  to speak of.  Soon you're doing things you never thought you'd do, in places you never thought you'd be; with people you never wanted to know.

No matter how frantically you claw up the slope, the bottom speeds upward to your face.  Tragic yes,  but  avoidable. When you're held accountable by a strict authority, these things don't happen. 

 I suggest you report to a Disciplinarian for preventative punishment and regularly present your bare bottom to the unyielding lash of her belt, paddle and/or  cane until your cheeks are evenly bruised, marked and welted.  In this way you will hold to acceptable ethics and practices and never again will you live in turmoil and pandemonium.   

Better to endure instructive blows of a concerned authority than coping a plea to a vengeful one because, in such cases such as these, punishment is the way we learn. 

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane 
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