Friday, December 26, 2014


Hello Ladies,

 I am re-posting this entry because,  due to the brilliance of Blogspot,   a  touch ; and   the original has dis -appeared  never to be found again.  But while the wording may be different, my message to you will be exactly the same.
Lately, I've been getting  emails from wives asking me whether or not they should be spanking their husbands.  As a Disciplinarian, here is what I can tell you.
 Alpha men may shoulder the responsibilities and decision making in the workplace, but at home,  the  woman is the one in charge,    And when he is out of control, he needs to be seriously brought back  into line. By that I mean taken over the knee, pants down, and delivered a hard bottom blistering spanking to his bare bottom. And  that someone, Ladies, is you.

Make no mistake men like, boys, will deliberately try your patience and they're fully aware of what the are doing. Still nobody wants to be the whining woman, complaining woman finding fault with every little thing.  In fact, I most of you would prefer to be lenient.

But if his conduct is unbearable, it is with your permission. Every time you chose to not to  nip his irritating and inconsiderate antics in the bud, you were training and conditioning him to continue.

 It's time to recondition your man.

Look him in the eye and tell him in no uncertain terms, you will no longer be putting up with his foolishness and  the next time he ignores you in public, comes home intoxicated or lets dinner get cold, you will march him into the bedroom, take off his pants, put him over your knee, and deliver a bottom blistering spanking to his bare behind until it is red, purple and blue. Make that the first and the last warning.
Then when he acts    up again - and he will - do exactly that.
Never less than seventy-five severe blows to his bare bottom, and if your hand alone can't  get it done, grab your hairbrush.

Ladies, the next time he'll think twice before doing something to displease you; and then  he'll decide not to do it.
And if you're out in public when he misbehaves  just say, "...wait until we get home."  He will calm down then and there with plenty of time to anticipate the punishment in store.

Husbands need to feel protected and know that when they're unable to control themselves,
someone is around to do it for them.  And that someone is going to be you.
The truth is, after you've burned his behind a few times, he'll be the  partner you want and  give you the respect and appreciation you deserve.  And the both of you will be the happier for it.

Happy Spanking.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014


(New York City, NY)

There are times when more severe methods of domestic discipline are required . .

You've done something that must remain secret. But the guilt and fear are increasingly heavy to lift. .

Or have compulsions you are helpless to control.

For validation you may see a psychiatrist; who will say you've done nothing wrong.

If it's penance you seek, see a priest who'll absolve you of your crimes with a wave of the hand
But Confession isn't always good for the soul.

Only pain cleans a guilt ridden conscience.

The blows of hard wood and leather on your bare and bruised bottom, followed by repeated lashes of the cane bring you tears of agony. You have no influence. You are at the complete mercy of a disciplinarian who punishes you as she alone sees fit.
Because only then you will be truly penitent.

                                                    And more importantly - free

Warm Bottoms ,
Georgia Cane

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Sunday, September 28, 2014


(New York City, NY )

I'd like to clear the air.

In my opinion, it's as appropriate to spank an adult on the bare bottom as it is to spank a child.

 When a parent spanks  their boy or girl on their bare bottom ,   it should be of no great  surprise that they desire this for themselves as adults.
In part, because it became  a form of self discipline; associated with care and positive results and yet  the way it's carried out is as private and unique as they are.

What was good for the child, is now good for the adult  in the same ways and for the same reasons.

Age is but a number after all.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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Hands that spank are hands that love

When you were a child, your Mother's hands meant everything to you.          

They held you close to her out in a big world and made you feel safe.

They cradled you when you were a baby, washed your tummy and behind your ears in warm sudsy baths;
and cut your food when you were too little to do it yourself. You can't begin to count the times she soothed your forehand and wiped your tears away

But when you were bad, they also spanked your behind.

Those same hands that wiped your tears now took you by the ear, pulled down your pants; exposed your bare bottom and pointed a finger in your face to scold you. But when she took her hand and grabbed you over her knee, the next things you saw - were stars. Cry and holler for mercy until the cows come home, but she would not stop.
Because you were hard headed.
   And as I say, a hard head makes a red behind.

That's called discipline.

I strongly believe when adults break the rules of conduct, that the same strict method applies.
I mean a sound, no nonsense, over the knee, bare handed, bottom burning spanking.

And like your mother, I, as a disciplinarian, understand that spanking discipline is another form of care,

and sometimes caring is painful, but in the right hands, it is always for your own good.

Warm Bottom,
Georgia Cane

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It's 10:00 am and the teacher has looked at you several times for disrupting the class. And now she has had enough. When your classmates leave, you will remain.
You are in detention.

You are fourteen years old. In three years you will be graduated but what kind of miscreant might you turn out to be? As any serious disciplinarian knows, it is the teacher's responsibility, to correct a boy's errant behavior when clearly, proper training is not received at home. And in this case, there must be punishment and to save you, it must be severe.

Teacher has overheard you making some rather cheeky remarks behind her back. Therefore, you will write on the blackboard, "I will not talk during class ", fifty times.

Next, what you would not learn from your brain, you will learn from your bottom. You will be taken you over her knee, and receive fifty-five hard blows of the paddle on your bare bottom. Plead all you like. She will grant no mercy.
Lastly,and so that you fully understand you will pay serious consequences whenever you disrespect the teacher, you will be bent over her desk, bruised and tender behind exposed and receive an additional one hundred and twenty strokes of the the cane.

Stand in the corner, and contemplate your punishment.

Teacher has taken the time and extreme effort to give you the corporal discipline you need but did not receive at home. You are to acknowledge her and thank her. Be grateful to her that she has cared enough to set you on the straight and narrow path.

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn

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Friday, June 27, 2014


( New York City, NY)

Whether they admit this or not, it is clear to me that most husbands know when they need to be spanked. And by spanked I don't mean the playful, arousing, naughty kind. I mean the over the knee, bare behind walloping their mothers used to give with plenty of tears, kicking legs and begging that falls on deaf ears. The type which changes behavior. But, contrary to popular opinion, not all men marry their 'mothers' . And while I'm sure the women they've chosen have abilities, burning her husbands behind is simply not one of them. But then, that's what Disciplinarians are for.
Fair enough to say women admire Type A Personality men. It's both reassuring and seductive having a dominant, 'take charge, ' spouse around. But they can be a ;pain in the 'A' as well. And often the very things she finds attractive in him are also the cause of headaches. Confidence is arrogance. Understanding is condescending. Strong-will is overbearing. Caring is controlling. And sometimes he's just plain mean. He knows he should be disciplined. Believe me. But more than likely, he's not inclined to spank himself (and even if he were...). And ultimately, he's yours and you are responsible.
Here is the solution.
Either you will have a mature, experienced Disciplinarian teach you how to deliver a proper spanking
or I will spank him for you.
Give me your list of grievances. I will make it clear to him what's about to happen and why. Then be assured, when I am through putting him through his paces, he will be most considerate from then on.
Contrite, of course, but the happier for it because he has been brought back in line just as his mother used to do.
It's as I say. Most husbands need a good, bare bottom spanking from time to time and Alpha (Sigma too) So, if the wife would like spanking lessons, I'll teach her. But if she just can't spank his behind, even when he deserves it , then, on her behalf, I will put him over my knee, and spank his bare bottom for her.
Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Monday, June 16, 2014


(New York City , NY)

 I believe Nature eroticized spanking so that we would be willing to receive the pain that serves as a teaching tool for our own good.

 As a Disciplinarian, I've often heard stories from people who, when they were young, spied on a playmate  being  spanked -  hard - over the knee and  on their bare bottoms. They cringed at the blows the mother leveled on his sore behind,  and yet  they were fascinated.  The reason being;  although he was too young to process  this, it was, to him,  erotic. 

It is, after all, the bare bottom. 

And  from a very early age we feel our bottoms are private and  a vague sexuality,  begins.   So it's not uncommon to find later in life,  whether he was  ever spanked, or not, that he needs to reconnect with the  experience.  And  in my opinion, he's one of the lucky ones.
  He  benefits  from being able to  lay across  a strong woman's knee  to receive, the sound and painful,  spanking  which sends a message directly to his bare bottom,  straight to his brain from her bare hand;  making sure it all 'sinks in'.   

If it's punishment that's required to rid him of guilt or make him tow the line; or if he must cry in order to cleans himself inside, he is now under the same care and good stead as a child  of a strict and concerned mother.  
 So  again, I believe that Nature eroticized the pain of spanking discipline so that we would learn to love it. 

 Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


(New York City , NY)

I previously shared with you that I believed the mid 1950's and '60's, had women who were more ladylike than they are today, and that some women, both young and mature, could use serious etiquette training with spanking Discipline and would be the happier for it.
Well 'what's good for the goose, is good for the gander' and just  as women are expected  to behave as ladies, men are required to be gentlemen; and if they don't know how, they should be spanked until they learn.

In his book, "Manners Mayketh Man", Edward John Hardy wrote of manners as being "...shadows of virtues, if not virtues themselves." In other words, good manners indicate that you  practice good conduct not only socially, but personally and professionally as well.  

Now I'm not saying to bring back the days of extreme chivalry,     

 or  borderline foppishness. 

But there are standards.  

 Once, schools turned out young men who were not only well  educated, but Disciplined.

A misbehaving student was sent to the school Disciplinarian. There in his office. he was instructed to bend over, pull down his  trousers and take the paddle to his bare bottom. Even then, he was congratulated for receiving his punishment stoically - without tears.  

The fundamental rules still apply and I am more than willing to enforce them.  

Here are the basics: Remove your hat in the presence of a lady or when you enter a room. Always walk with her on the traffic side of the street. Pull out her chair and open both entrance doors and car doors for her.

In my etiquette training, deviation from those simple rules will be met with one hundred and fifty (150) hard, bare handed smacks on your bare behind.

Dining Etiquette.  

When table manners are bad enough for your wife to relinquish hope.  Tell her to send you to me. She may rest assured that I'll take it from there.

The very first thing I'll do is put you over my knee, remove your underpants and deliver seventy five severe hand smacks on your bare behind, then  bend you over a bench for another twenty five lashes of my belt. After that, we will begin training. And yes, it's intense

but the next time you're dining at say Palm One, you will be the perfect companion.

 Realistically of course, no one can stop a healthy male's wandering eye, but when you're on a date and can't use discretion,  here is the lesson you will receive.

You will remove your underwear and step out. Bend from the waist and grab your ankles. Now that I see your bottom is in full view, I  thrash it with my birch. It stings. I see your welts and you howl in pain.  But I don't stop.  Because this is they way  boys learn.

I believe,  without a doubt, that women should routinely Discipline men and punish them for bad behavior to keep them in check.  


Because you men need reminding and few things reinforce cognition more than applying a bare hand, paddle, or birch  to your bare bottom.

And while you may, or may not, have gone to an English boarding school, a taste of spanking etiquette training will make it seem like you have; and that by itself,  will take you a very long way.

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn

Georgia Cane: Disciplinarian

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spanking Discipline: For Training in Manners and Etiquette

(New York City , NY)

A lot has changed since the mid '50s and 60's, in the way young women behave themselves and it's sad to say, not all for the better.  Conducting yourself like a lady, nowadays, is quaint and it's become common to drink like a fish,to be crude, sexually overt, and to show as much skin as is legally possible.  The Mystery is gone.  As a Disciplinarian, I believe it's high time to bring it back.

Not every girl in the early 60's had a strict upbringing,  went to finishing school or had a governess drilling them on the finer points of conduct.  Nevertheless, society was such that every  girl knew the basics, whether she chose to apply them or not.   

But watch any award show today or open a magazine, and you'll see women - in the public eye -  slouching and round shouldered in designer dresses, lumbering around in heels, or clearly under the influence.  Is it any wonder young women (and mature ones too) act accordingly?  In my opinion, these women need to brought under authority to learn the rudiments of  acceptable feminine behavior. 

And if you have a young woman that you truly care for who is rowdy and out of control,  it is your responsibility  to you drag her  off the street, clean her up and send her to a Disciplinarian for training  -  before it's too late. 

For everything one does, there is a right way and a wrong way.  Proper comportment is no exception.  I will brook no nonsense and take her in hand immediately.  Perhaps even put her over my knee and give her a good, sound bare bottom spanking to set the record straight as to who is in charge. 

People can tell a great deal about a woman by the way she carries herself,   and proper posture is extremely important. There will be no slouching.  She will balance books on top of her head - hours on end if necessary - until  she learns to rise to her full height and move with fluidity and grace.   

She will also learn to sit like a lady, to stand back - straight,  to enter a room, hold a cocktail  or a cup of tea; how to cross and uncross her legs, modulate her voice and (although I don't encourage it) to smoke a cigarette. 

 I demand perfection and will achieve this  at all costs, so if,  for any reason, I feel that she is not giving her all, not only will I spank her sore bottom again, but she may be caned as well. Afterward - raw, welted and all - I will make her sit on a hard wooden chair  to reconsider the wisdom of her defiance.


Of course, I do all this for her own good.  Because I'm certain that every woman - young and mature alike - desires to be lady but one whose manners don't appear  studied, and more "to the manner born". Since that's rarely the case these days,merciless etiquette training and strict corporal discipline is required.

However, there will be metamorphosis. 

And in the end, she will be grateful to you for taking this action -  and you will be more than pleased with yourself - but do try to remember,that being a lady takes constant practice and occasional reinforcement.  So if she becomes lax, don't be irritated.     Send her to be Disciplined.



Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Georgia Cane: Disciplinarian

Thursday, April 3, 2014


It's my belief, as a Disciplinarian, that traditional couples therapy is often not effective.  That's because it fails to deal squarely on two key issues - consideration and accountability  - and they're important. 

Mother began teaching you, at an early age, to be nice, play fair; and to share your toys with playmates.  Back then, if  she caught you snatching things from your little friends hands, just to made them cry, or hit people- especially a boy hitting a girl - she took you over her knee, pulled down your underwear pants and spanked your bare bottom smartly.  While, I'm sure, you didn't appreciate this at the time, you understand today the merits of generosity and fair play  that your mother instilled. I believe those same lessons should apply in all the relationships in your life -  including marriage.

In the beginning, marriage can be exciting;  almost as if  your partners are your brand new toys. But then, like everything new, their shine gets dull and what was exciting once is for granted now. 
You become insensitive and say whatever you like. You will not play fair, you want everything your way - no matter what - and  you refuse to compromise. You may even be downright stingy and  bear in mind, this  goes for you both. Truth be told, it's not discussing who pushed who first which is important here - it's the lack of discipline - and that's why you both need spanking.

Because, unless your partner is a control freak, bully or vampire ( in which case, you should be spanked  for staying)  your issues can be resolved but traditional therapy may actually raise more problems than solve.  On the other hand, Spanking Discipline is simple.  

First: Admit to what you do to annoy each other. 
Second: In front of your spouse; take your punishment.  

From watching you receive your comeuppance, they can finally witness justice being served and administered without a hint of favoritism.

 Even, the best therapist can be charmed by a husband and  dislike a wife ( or vice versa ) but it takes two to tango. Nor will you be  truly held accountable without consequences and t
herapists don't judge. They're trained to be passive and understand - even validate - the most willfully errant behavior.  It's my opinion, saying things like, "I see and how does that make you feel" is a waste of time  and sends the wrong message.

When it comes to behavioral correction, I believe that actions speak louder than words - and for couples that don't play fair, strict, impartial punishment the is equalizer required. If
 you've been wrong and you know it, I won't ask you how you feel.  I will make it my business to know exactly how you feel.  When my bare hand makes contact with your bare behind,  you will feel in pain and very sorry. 

One in front of the other, I'd  take you over my knee, or a bench and  spank your bottoms with my hand or my belt. You may get paddled, tawsed or caned as well, and the implement used will all depend on the deed. 

You've now gotten to observe while your partner is punished. You are validated, vindicated and satisfied that justice is served.  More importantly however, simultaneous punishment at the hands of a Disciplinarian, is a bonding experience which actually  strengthens the relationship. 

Because enduring corporal punishment on your behave, is perhaps the most sincere expression of apology. The two of you leave connected, affectionate and more inclined to  "play nice" than ever before. 

Then you can compare your well spanked and nicely burning bottoms.

That's couple therapy that works.

Warm Bottoms, 
Georgia Cane 

Georgia Cane: Disciplinarian