Tuesday, July 16, 2013


(New York City, NY )


   When "the one" in your life is out of control, it's up to you to give them a grounding; and in some 
cases, this means no less than a good, solid, no nonsense, bottom burning spanking to tears and beyond.

   I'm of the opinion that whether you use a bare hand (my personal favorite) belt, tawse, rattan cane, leather paddle, hairbrush or wooden spoon, a good over- the-knee spanking will do more to correct bad behavior than all the scolding, lectures and threats in the world. That's why it's always the last resort.

   An authentic domestic disciplinary spanking has no safe words. Mothers, teachers, aunts and governesses  didn't adhere to your pleads for mercy (for that matter, nor do I) and it is administered on the bottom - only.
   Spanking is Nature's version of shock treatment therapy - minus the damage.  After a few hard, backside stinging smacks commence, minds blank, endorphins release and cobwebs clear. In my experience, I've found Seventy-Five hard and rapid, bare handed spanks on the bare, will succeed in getting their attention.

  Then, eventually, calm replaces tears, physical pain is almost forgotten and all that remains is the message. After one or two of these experiences, his bad behavior will be effectively altered, if not  changed completely.
   Making allowances for your partner's  naughtiness is not responsible, but if you can't bring yourself to give him a spanking, then find someone who can.  See to it that he stay on the straight and narrow, is productive, well mannered - and Spanked.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


(New York City , NY)

From time to time, I'm asked by the head of various firms to design a program that enforces Discipline in the work place.

Here is a copy of a letter containing solutions that I recently sent to the director of a large U.S. hospital. 

Dear Dr. O.

I am an efficiency expert  hired by your hospital to evaluate how best to improve the professional conduct of your staff.
After much observation, I have developed a procedure best suited to the disposition of your subordinates.
While these methods were orthodox a half century ago, they have again found favor as an effective tool in enforcing rule and modifying behavior.

The following methods are to be implemented only with the full consent of the subordinate.  In addition, the subordinate is to be given the option to choose between these disciplinary actions - and termination.  Should they successfully fight the termination proceedings, the reprimand will, nevertheless, remain on permanent record.

First Offense.
Male or Female
Verbal Reprimand and Final Warning.

Second Offense.
Male or Female
Implement: Heavy Leather Paddle.
Bend the subordinate over a chair.  Over underwear deliver TWENTY hard and evenly measured blows with the Paddle.

Third offense.
Female Only
Implement/ Your Bare Hand
Take the subordinate across your knee and administer 
TWENTY-FIVE bare-handed spanks over the underpants.  Then pull down the panties and deliver FIFTY hard spanks with your bare hand on her bare bottom. Take care to hit repeatedly in the same spot until the behind becomes visibly red.

Third Offense.
Male Only
Implement/Leather Paddle
Position this willful offender - fully naked - and bent over with ankles grabbed and legs slightly apart.
Deliver TWENTY-FIVE forceful and evenly measured blows of the Paddle to the buttocks.
(Alternative: Kneeling, elbows on the floor and bottom presented).

There are no fourth chances.

No mercy under any circumstances.  These are the consequences of self indulgence, disrespect for authority and overall lack of maturity.
Unfortunate though it may be that such lessons were not understood in childhood, you will find the above methods yielding excellent results.  For the vast majority, the threat alone of Spanking Discipline is often sufficient and I've no doubt Dr. O., that you will have every success in bringing your workforce into line.

Truly Yours,

Georgia Cane
Behavioral Corrections Specialist

"A Hard Head Makes a Red Behind"
Georgia Cane Spanking Disciplinarian

All Things Spanking; Interview with Miss Georgia Cane 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


(New York City , NY)

Lately it's become clear that people require two types of Spanking: Disciplinary and Punishment. Yes, I know  both fall under the umbrella  of corporal punishment but I believe some distinctions do exist.

Discipline is given to enforce obedience, to train or achieve perfection. Personally, I prefer giving over the knee, bare hand to bare bottom spankings but I may also use a hairbrush.  Depending upon the infraction, I might even  bend them over a chair so that I can apply my belt, my paddle - or both.  
Scolding  is  important as well.  Strong verbal correction - without vulgarity or profanity - will ensure he understands the nature of his misdeed.  In some cases, corner time or  washing that mouth out with soap is in order. However,  no matter what method I choose, discipline is always followed by reassurance. 


But unlike discipline,  punishment is a penalty. It's impersonal, severe and administered with few words.   Punishment is consequence. And when someone's in need of punishment, a bare hand on his bare backside alone won't do but leather and wood will. 

 The Paddle, Tawse or Cane are my implements of choice. For punishment, the colder, and less personal the better, even if  your wife's the one burning your backside.

 True, in D/s,  Spanking and its terminology is fairly elastic but I have to say in the case of a Domnitrix and Disciplinarian, there's  a genuine difference.  For one thing, "bottoms" are not (generally) "subs" and while it's  all  power exchange   "submissives", unlike spankophile "bottoms" have real reluctance and fear at the thought of being held helplessly in place and spanked until pain wipes every  thought from their brain. They aren't receiving pleasure from pain itself,  but rather from the catharsis that follows - in addition to the endorphin release, mental clarity, confidence  and other empowering effects spanking provides. 

I notice that Europeans have no difficulty making the distinction between a Disciplinarian and Domnitrix and I  know people who visit them both.  Could be  because corporal punishment was so much a part of their education. After all, pain is the commonality.  It's the psychological approach and execution that differ. 

 So Discipline and Punishment aren't the same. 

And that is why Variety is the spice of life.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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Georgia Cane: Adult Disciplinarian

All Things Spanking:  An Interview with Miss Georgia Cane

http:allthingsspanking.com/2014/06/18/an-interview-with miss-georgia-cane/


Thursday, April 25, 2013


(New York City, NY)

 When someone I know deserves a real spanking, the palm of my hand will begin to itch.  It's as if  my hand, can't wait to burn that misbehaving bottom to teach it a lesson; and say what you will, there is nothing like skin to skin. 

There are times, when you just don't want to look for an implement, especially if  he (or she) has been told, several times, that what he does gets on your nerves. It could be his drinking too much, procrastinating with the bills, or one too many smart remarks but when I've reached the boiling point,(and provided we're at home), I will take him - pants down - across my knee and let my hand do the talking.     

If an adult continuously forgets his behavior, he deserves to be reminded by a spanking and one he'll not soon forget -  unrestrained, informal and  sound. 

Administering a good over the knee spanking will always correct his behavior, but just as importantly satisfy my itch.

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn.

Georgia Cane: Adult Disciplinarian   


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


(New York City , NY)


Clients ask me why it's easier to cry with a bare handed spanking than it is with an implement  and I believe
 the reason is a matter of intimacy.

When it comes to Discipline,  nothing reinforces a  lesson better than a bare hand, spanking a bare backside while it's laying across my knee.  I can feel the message leave the palm of my hand to the base of their spine and shoot directly to the brain; and after a few minutes of blows to the bottom, it stays there.
That's because there is an intimacy to bare handed, bare bottom spankings that implements were deliberately designed to avoid.
After hand spanking was deemed too personal for corporal punishment in the class room, birches were introduced.  Then later, schools decided that, since birches  were used in homes, they were also unsuitable for institutions, and that's when cane replaced them. Similarly, Tawses  stood in for the strap.  These implements were used for the sake of formality, so disciplinary procedures were, of course, enacted.

It was often mandatory that a naughty boy assume a position and remain there -pants down.  This may mean bending over and holding his ankles, being bent over a desk or kneeling on a post.

The strikes were imposed and counted according to his infraction.  For example, twenty- five strokes of the cane for impertinence or ten blows of the tawse for unpreparedness and to add to his humiliation, his punishment was probably delivered in front of the class.  Nevertheless, he exercised discipline and self control of a Stoic in order to endure the pain - or risk  harsher punishment.  In truth, endurance was the subliminal (and invaluable), lesson.

As an OTK Disciplinarian, I expect no such compliance. In fact I expect resistance, and I'm equal to the task. I'll lock down struggling adult boy, hold him tightly over my knee; grab his hand if he tries to protect his bottom and spank the living daylights out of him.

My hand burns hotter than leather and stings more than any implement and I fully engage in no nonsense, non verbal communication in the same way a Strict Nanny, Mother, Aunt or Baby Sitter might.  Then the crying begins.

Crying is a catharsis that spanking can produce and the reason it's easier to achieve tears with a hot bare hand than it is a cold implement -  is intimacy.  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


Thursday, March 14, 2013


(New York City , NY)


Two things that the Scottish are known for is the (regrettable) deep fried boiled egg wrapped in bacon, and the Tawse.  Many Scottish schoolboys referred to the way it stung their behinds as " The Tingle O'  the Tawse".

The tawse is similar to a belt except that instead of a single piece of thick leather,  the tawse is deeply thonged  (perhaps several times) and  feels like two (or more) straps hitting your backside at once.  It hurts like a belt and stings like a lash;and the tawse and belt are often used interchangeably. 

When I conduct formal discipline I prefer the tawse .  The misbehaved boy must be bent, bare bottom,  over a chair for the tawsing to be most effective.  The tawse I own has a thick wooden handle allowing for  maximum control.  I then decide the number of blows  for each of his infractions (or the magnitude of his particular transgression). 

 For both formal and informal  discipline the belt will do nicely.  If someone is caught- red handed, I can instantly take the belt, throw him across my knee and burn his bare bottom.  No counting and  it will smart for  quite some time.

But when a certain number of severe  lashes is required,  I may use a belt in the same manner I will the tawse.   He will be bent over a chair, bottom bared to receive a number of very sharp and measured blows.

My favorite way to deliver a message may be a good, hard, over the knee, bare handed spanking but that's an intimate and, at times inappropriate method.  

On this side of the pond the belt is much more traditional but rest assured, the Scottish Tawse  is one implement your bottom will not soon forget.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane



Wednesday, March 13, 2013


(New York City , NY)

Most of  us were born with a conscience and  as you grow up, you're taught what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior; much of which is universal.  

You were not to steal,  fib,  be mean to others,  exhibit rudeness, laziness, to be disrespectful to authority or to your elders.   

If you did any of these misdeeds, it was also universal to be taken over a mother's knee, with  pants pulled down - or dress pulled up - and receive a good, hard, bare handed, bare bottom spanking until you cried from anger at being spanked, all the way to real remorse for your actions and by the time she was done,  you'd learned never to do it again.

Due to their in - born conscience and "home training"  when a child gets away with bad behavior it troubles him. Even if he intended not to be caught, it  will secretly aggravate him. Yet he will continue until he receives the punishment he seeks to absolve his  guilt.

This is true for adults as well.  I strongly believe that, very often, some things that were effective as children are still beneficial as adults and  
Spanking Discipline is one of them.

When an adult is rude to his staff,  tells lies (even little white ones)  steals  - anything -   or procrastinates at work,  a Spanking is in order. 

When he's doing things to harm himself such as excessive gambling, overindulging in food, sex or alcohol;  serious discipline is called for.

If it were up to me, I'd take down his underpants and spank the living daylights out of him; past the point that he can tolerate and past the point of tears.  

That way he will feel truly punished for his behavior.   The tears will have washed the guilt away.  His slate is wiped clean - and it's a new day.  
What can be better than that?

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn

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Saturday, March 9, 2013


 You may once have been a school boy with a tremendous sweet tooth and,  no doubt, you tried but could not resist the pyramids of  chocolate, caramel and hard candy displayed in the sweet shop on the way  to school.  Turkish Delight was the sweetest and perhaps your favorite and even though it was forbidden to bring candy to class, you purchased a bag anyway and smuggled it in.
Whenever the teacher turned her back, you'd sneak a  jelly in your mouth, and it was that much more delicious for deliberately being naughty.  Naturally, she called on you to answer a question with your mouth  full and unable speak and, of course,  you were  punished.
Not  because you had candy, but because you willfully broke the rules and enjoyed getting away with it.

Turkish Delight
After the last classmate left, the door was locked and there you were, alone with a woman strong, stern and easily twice your size.
Trousers and underpants pulled down,  you were positioned -just so- over her knee. Then her bare hand began to strike your backside soundly  - one blow landing harder than the last - while you helplessly kicked and cried. When she was done and you were free to leave, and you were lucky to find a cool stone to sit your bottom on to draw out the sting.
However, you learned that willful disobedience brings consequences.  

Now that you're grown you still indulge in things you shouldn't, although more likely Martinis than Turkish Delight, but whatever your indulgences are  (and they may be anything) you love them all the more when  you do them in secret.
Still your conscience isn't clear,  and you know it.
  You'd be well advised to relieve your burden and present yourself to a strict, disciplinarian who will spank your backside  pink to blue and receive the comeuppance you deserve.  You then will be given a clean slate  and enjoy a clear conscience even if you do sit on pillows for a few days.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


Monday, January 21, 2013


(New York City , NY)

Many a man has the deep desire to be taken by a female  authority;  put over her lap - and spanked - to tears.  But that's not always an easy thing to explain to a partner.  Some of these same men are in relationships with women who have "vanilla" (conventional) ideas  about what it means to be  masculine, feminine; weak and strong.  

It may be that their women don't want to 'upset the apple cart' and feel submission is not a sign of strength; when,  in truth, men who require spanking are  -almost without exception - dominant, strong and in constant control of every aspect of their lives.

Just as often, however, it's he who doesn't want the dynamic altered and may prefer to see his wife or girlfriend in a certain light. Unfortunately, that light doesn't include her spanking his bare bottom red and definitely not confession and discipline. 

Then,  there's the girlfriend who makes the half-hearted  attempt at spanking  because she's afraid of  'hurting' and can't  get past her unease. 

Now all of this is difficult if  you're the one in desperate need of a spanking. Trust is an enormous issue and deciding to be spanked by a disciplinarian is not that simple.  

First of all, you must know that the disciplinarian understands what traditional, domestic discipline is (opposed to BDSM) and fully understand that a hard, hand spanking is necessary for you to achieve total loss of control and emotional release.  In other words, you have to be held down and spanked to tears and then some. 

When you're finally made to let go, you'll feel that catharsis a good long while.

Georgia Cane

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn 


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


(New York City , NY)

A client of mine told me once that, growing up, he had to wait until after a bath  for his spanking.
That wait could be all day, but directly after dinner, his mother sent him to his room while she ran his bathwater. He remembered how flushed he'd become when he heard the water running because he knew what came next.

When he was in the tub exactly fifteen minutes, his mother ordered him out and into her room where she sat waiting. Then without saying a word, she adjusted her skirt, positioned him over her knee, locked her leg over both of his and  delivered a hand spanking so hard his mind went blank. Between the sting of her hand  on his wet behind and the noise it made, he couldn't hear a thing she was saying. No matter. The  message was received.

For years now, I've incorporated wet spanking into my discipline sessions. I find  it intensifies the sting and without the marks or bruising. After I've spanked a naughty bottom tender with either my hand or an implement,  I apply a hot, wet cloth to it several times. This soothes the bottom and calms them down - momentarily -  then I continue to spank.

Without question, a wet bottom enhances over the knee spanking discipline  It eliminates marks and bruises but still leaves the behind  warm and sore for days.

Mother knows best.