Friday, November 17, 2017


 I believe, as a Disciplinarian, there are four purposes to spanking correction: Chastisement,   Discipline, Punishment, and Catharsis.

Chastisement sees that you realize the nature of your behavior, and that you understand life's penalties often are more draconian than a Disciplinarian may impose. Every lash of the strap she wields on your bare bottom is serving as a painful reminder to you that better is always expected.

Discipline is to break you of bad habits and train you in good ones. Do exactly as she instructs.   Her standards are high.  A good Disciplinarian accepts no less than excellence. You will strive in all things for maximum performance, in part because you're now aware of consequences.

 Punishment, there are few words. "You know why we're here". "Bend!" "Kneel"!  "Grab your ankles and spread your legs" will generally suffice.  Position yourself on the kneeling bench. Receive the counted, measured blows on your bare and tender bottom,  immediately followed with, perhaps,  a spray of rubbing alcohol directly on the welts, and the burning wet spanking resumes. Or lying prone on a couch, bare bottom faced meeting the repeated smacks of a thick rawhide, leather tawse until she feels the price is paid.

But all roads lead to catharsis.  Tears clean you inside, guilt melts away and your spirit renewed. You're now calm, reinvigorated and at peace.  What you've experienced is for your own good.  Each word is carefully selected and every stroke purposefully applied.

A spanking is, after all, not only to hold you in good stead but to enjoy your very nicely burning bottom as well.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

Monday, September 18, 2017


 I believe that, by most people, you're considered to be successful.  You're often described as principled, thoughtful and fair, and a decisive yet diplomatic leader.   Yet, as I'm sure you'll remember, this was not always the case; in fact, quite the opposite.  As an eleven-year-old boy in Catholic School, you were a rascally mischief-maker, a big personality with crafty little ways and an angelic, baby face.  But of course, looks are deceiving. You were a wisenheimer talking out of turn; coming late to class, rolling your eyes at the lay teachers, and making snide remarks.  You used profanity in the hallways and turned in your homework late (those times you turned it in at all). If not for the concern of a very strict nun with a paddle that spanked your behind; your reputation would be different from the one you enjoy today.

As it happened,  you were invited for an afternoon of detention with Mother Superior; towering, no-nonsense School Principle, and strict, big-handed Disciplinarian.  She had observed your wisenheimer antics for some time decided to intervene.

Upon entering her office, without greeting or fanfare, your pants come down and underwear off.  Then over her desk you're thrown -  positioned just so -  as a brass ruler smacks your skin, blistering your bottom while rivulets of tears stain your cheeks.  You're then pulled up by the ear, turned to the blackboard and ordered to read the School Rules aloud.  Each rule is followed by a sound of her enormous bare hand slapping a small bare bottom.

I will be polite at all times or I will be spanked.
I will do homework on time or I will be spanked.
I will pay attention in class or I will be spanked.
I will not roll my eyes or I will be spanked.
I will not use profanity or I will be spanked.
I will never be late or be spanked...

Now hold your ankles and be roundly lashed with a long leather strap;  five times for each infraction.
And still, in your shirt, jacket, tie, and vest, you're once more marched bottomless by the ear, into the corner.  She places a Dunce Cap on your head and you are to stand motionless. She pays no mind that you're flushed with shame.  Instead, she sits at her desk, does paperwork and takes calls. But whenever you move an inch, she slams you again, this time with her leather paddle and blocking your bottom earns five more withering blows

After an hour or so of corner time and occasional paddling, you are permitted to dress.
You're subdued and humbled; not quite the smart aleck of three hours ago; and although your bottom is raw and stings at the touch, the lessons you have learned about manners, responsibility,  and self-control serve you well in life.

So keep a good thought for Mother Superior, the Disciplinarian behind things you enjoy today; your success, your stature, and fondness for a nicely burning bottom.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

Monday, September 4, 2017


 Labor Day is here to signal the end of summer.  It's the last day for primary colors, anything white, straw hats, seer sucker suits and for packing the gauzy skirts and halter tops away. But by no means was Labor Day created to mark the change of season.  It is to commemorate American workers who help make our business and country thrive and a reminder to treat them with respect. Where would you be without a personal assistant to anticipate your needs; or a Word Processor following faithfully your illegible scrawl or your driver waiting patiently to bring you to and from the office? But too often, you take their services for granted.  That's when a bottom - blistering spanking from a strong Disciplinarian is needed to remind you of proper protocol.

For your own good, you are put in the subordinate position; this means in your office and fully bare. Then you're lead by the ear to the corner with your nose touching the wall and hands behind your back. There you will stand, flush with fear and anticipation as she recites the litany of reasons it is wise to respect your staff; and that your zingers and tirade inhibit creativity costing the company potential earnings.  For that alone, I feel you should be publicly thrashed.

From the desk, you're bent over a chair and positioned just so.  Then, on behalf of all terrified personnel, your bottom is generously sprayed with water and a flat leather strap roundly slaps your bare behind. And since a sound spanking should be -  full of sound -  the snap of leather on your wet skin will ring in your ears.

Then after sixty or so lashes of the strap (or before her arm gets tired) sterner measures will take place and you feel for the crack of the hairbrush on your bruised and sore behind.  Scream 'til your face is blue.  She's heard it all before. And please, spare her the Three P's: Protests, Pleading, and Promises. By now they are music to her ears (and that water bottle can be replaced with rubbing alcohol; so quit while you're ahead).

And then she's done.  Congratulations! This valuable reminder will hold you in good stead the coming fiscal year.  You won't soon forget a happy worker is a productive one and the key to success is an appreciative boss with a nicely burning bottom.

And that is the purpose of  Labor Day.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

 NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

Tuesday, July 4, 2017




This is a reminder from Miss Cane.

Your Alpha male is driven by generous servings of energy, confidence,  curiosity and drive;
and at least,  once upon a time  you found these traits attractive.
They can be again.

The problem is drive turns into overdrive making him nervous, barking and controlling. You may be climbing the walls but he's careening out of control,  praying for someone to hit the brakes and shut off the engine.  That someone is you.  So Ladies as a Disciplinarian,  I strongly suggest for the benefit of his equilibrium - and your own - that you enforce authority.

For example; when least expected, you may order your partner to strip bare and to don an apron. Leather strap in hand, march him to the kitchen and tell him to do some task of your choosing.
Then warn him of the  consequences should he fail to properly complete that task; which, of course,  he won't.

Now you may express your displeasure by bending him over the block; lashing his exposed, bare bottom with a hard, thin belt until pain and tears line his face and raised welts mark his bruised and tender skin.
And always remember Ladies,  it's enough only when you say it is; and not a second before.

But when the spanking ends and you soothe his burn and wipe his tears away,  he's rebalanced relieved and grateful.  That means you've established your authority and that all your headaches are at an end  (until next time anyway).

                                    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE LADIES

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

 NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

Friday, May 26, 2017


As a Disciplinarian, I believe the reasons you indulge in bad behavior are of less importance than making them stop; and that seeking root causes for bad habits do very little to change them.

Now some of you like processes more than solutions and prefer to ponder, ruminate, agonize, validate, co-sign, riff  - and repeat.  But after much Sturm und Drang,  here you are again, terrorizing business partners, letting loose at home, paying yet another speeding ticket, and sneaking back from places where you can't be seen and have no business going.  But for those of you who crave results, the solution is simple:  An Over-the-knee, no-nonsense, domestic spanking discipline  - with strong verbal correction - curbs bad behavior, adjusts attitude and sets your conduct straight.

Regardless of your age, your sex, your status or gender; this method is time-honored, tried and true. Nothing stops you dead in your tracks faster than a strict disciplinarian bending your bare behind over her knee, and burning your bottom 'til it's red, stinging and sore to the touch. And like a good mother,  she won't stop because tears are streaming your face while you kick and thrash in misery. She stops when she feels you've learned your lesson -  and not a minute before.

But between the blistering bottom and verbal re-enforcement, the message is received. In short order, your taste for dangerous mischief is done.

And now that this is settled  - with all the rules in place -  you'll be alive and healthy to examine the past with a clearer head, renewed energy, a clean conscious and a well spanked and nicely burning bottom.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Do It...Or Else!

Friday, April 14, 2017


Ladies, mother taught you of life and men so that you'd be in charge of them both.  

That is why when you were a teen, she gave you curfew.  If you stayed past it, there were consequences and the penalty was severe.  Even at sixteen, you were not too grown to go over her knee with skirt up and undies down while she repeatedly applied her hairbrush, bare hand and belt to your bare bottom until it was red, sore and burning hot.  And on a date, the threat of that spanking  took on a life of its own; like some invisible chaperon watching every move that was made.  There was no use sneaking because she was always up waiting.  But boys will be boys and Mother knew  best. 

Spanking was her way of teaching you a valuable lesson:  Life isn't fair; and in it, you will either be in charge of it or pay the price.  To put another way; either you spank life; or life spanks you. 
What better place to start with than boys?

Because men are like children.  They love a challenge and it's for this reason alone, they'll use charm and their powers to persuade to test your resolve.   But you knew the consequences and why be spanked for something you didn't want to do.  Besides, once you give in, you lose.  

Now that you're an adult with a mind of your own and you've taken Mother's teachings one step further.  Men are like children.  They may cause you trouble if they're not controlled and need the strict discipline you know just how to deliver. 

When he becomes unruly, over your knee he goes, pants down as you repeatedly smack his bare bottom with your hairbrush,  belt and bare hand 'til his behind is red, stinging and burning hot. You control your men as you do your life and the only one spanking is you.    

Thanks, Mom.  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


NYC Spanking Disciplinarian


Thursday, March 30, 2017


I believe there's really nothing frivolous about  role play. Under the guidance of a strict and intuitive Disciplinarian, imaginative role play takes you back to the uncluttered mind of a curious naughty child or a  challenging boy or girl on the verge of young adulthood.  Those were times when  important lessons were learned; lessons that helped you through your entire life and are experiences that should be relived periodically to maintain.

In role play no matter how grown you believed you were, consequences for bad behavior were taught on your bare bottom, often with the palm of an opened hand or hairbrush smacking your cheeks repeatedly -  on one spot -  until it is  red, tender and sore. 
And just as you  remember,  spanking is  done to reinforce a stern scolding.  You don't hit girls.  You don't talk back to the teacher. Peeking in girls locker rooms  gets you pulled by the ear and marched to the principal's office, where she promptly exposes your bottom and bends you over the desk to apply the cane.

For some of you, certain infractions  called for certain punishments. You sassed back now go and get the switch from the bush outside so she can burn your behind up.   Your report card is not up to par so assume the position  over the chair and prepare for the lash of the belt. You took the car without permission.  Get ready to go over her knee to get the spanking of your life. No one cares how grown you think you are.

Now what are the lessons?  Men who deserve respect, do not hit women.   Respect authority and mind your tongue.  It's better to be prudent than unemployed.  Spying on people is invasive and deviant behavior which is actionable by law.  Once the punishment was delivered and the tears subsided, you were made to understand the reasons were for your own good.  It was done to see to it that you became a successful, integrated member of society and was actually no less than a pragmatic form of love.

As a Disciplinarian I believe, from time to time, through role play, we can revisit these important experiences; and there is nothing pretend about that.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


For a while,  I felt strongly I'd said all about spanking I needed to say.  I was wrong.
Whether it is role play, age regression or addressing issues which are disrupting or hindering your life,  seeking Spanking Discipline is about one thing and one thing only; taking charge.  By that I mean YOU are taking charge of your life.

Just as doctors don't heal themselves, we can't be objective enough to see ourselves clearly; and when it comes to corporal punishment or strict behavioral correction, trust me that, no matter how determined you may be, you will not go much beyond the comfort zone.  Even in role play of any kind, you must be seen through the eyes of an authority who appreciates and fully participates in the experience.  A disciplinarian must key into both what's said and, more importantly, what's unsaid.

Focus and respect are key to ending self-destructive patterns of behavior  - from procrastination to abuse -  or for some, to clearly revisit the crux of a profound, life-directing event either left unaddressed or which held you in good stead.

In essence,  spanking discipline is self-discipline. One must cede control to a mature and savvy authority but one who will not suffer foolishness nor excuse wrong behavior but instead holds you accountable and makes you feel the consequences of wrongdoing.  That way the penalty is paid, your conscience is clear. You're left with a renewed energy, a clearer head,  clean slate,  a nicely burning bottom. And that's what it means to take charge.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

NYC Spanking

Friday, January 13, 2017

New Year Resolution and Result Review

Happy New Year,  naughty boys, fresh girls, Dominant wives, misbehaving husbands, sly incorrigibles, would-be miscreants and spankophiles in general. The festivities are behind you and you've made your resolutions but,  as you know,  action initiates change. 

A  resolution is not a result, nor is worry - regardless of how obsessive  - a solution.  Never forget that nothing stays the same.   You are either going forward or backward at all times.  

Therefore you will review old patterns of behavior and, should you find them lacking,  adapt new ones that yield positive effects and more tangible results. 

I wish all of you a very healthy, sane, happy, and prosperous year.   

And remember.
Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn (and naughty girls do too).

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Georgia Cane Spanking Disciplinarian

NYC Spanking Disiplinarian