Friday, December 26, 2014


Hello Ladies,

 I am re-posting this entry because,  due to the brilliance of Blogspot,   a  touch ; and   the original has dis -appeared  never to be found again.  But while the wording may be different, my message to you will be exactly the same.
Lately, I've been getting  emails from wives asking me whether or not they should be spanking their husbands.  As a Disciplinarian, here is what I can tell you.
 Alpha men may shoulder the responsibilities and decision making in the workplace, but at home,  the  woman is the one in charge,    And when he is out of control, he needs to be seriously brought back  into line. By that I mean taken over the knee, pants down, and delivered a hard bottom blistering spanking to his bare bottom. And  that someone, Ladies, is you.

Make no mistake men like, boys, will deliberately try your patience and they're fully aware of what the are doing. Still nobody wants to be the whining woman, complaining woman finding fault with every little thing.  In fact, I most of you would prefer to be lenient.

But if his conduct is unbearable, it is with your permission. Every time you chose to not to  nip his irritating and inconsiderate antics in the bud, you were training and conditioning him to continue.

 It's time to recondition your man.

Look him in the eye and tell him in no uncertain terms, you will no longer be putting up with his foolishness and  the next time he ignores you in public, comes home intoxicated or lets dinner get cold, you will march him into the bedroom, take off his pants, put him over your knee, and deliver a bottom blistering spanking to his bare behind until it is red, purple and blue. Make that the first and the last warning.
Then when he acts    up again - and he will - do exactly that.
Never less than seventy-five severe blows to his bare bottom, and if your hand alone can't  get it done, grab your hairbrush.

Ladies, the next time he'll think twice before doing something to displease you; and then  he'll decide not to do it.
And if you're out in public when he misbehaves  just say, "...wait until we get home."  He will calm down then and there with plenty of time to anticipate the punishment in store.

Husbands need to feel protected and know that when they're unable to control themselves,
someone is around to do it for them.  And that someone is going to be you.
The truth is, after you've burned his behind a few times, he'll be the  partner you want and  give you the respect and appreciation you deserve.  And the both of you will be the happier for it.

Happy Spanking.

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