Monday, January 21, 2013


(New York City , NY)

Many a man has the deep desire to be taken by a female  authority;  put over her lap - and spanked - to tears.  But that's not always an easy thing to explain to a partner.  Some of these same men are in relationships with women who have "vanilla" (conventional) ideas  about what it means to be  masculine, feminine; weak and strong.  

It may be that their women don't want to 'upset the apple cart' and feel submission is not a sign of strength; when,  in truth, men who require spanking are  -almost without exception - dominant, strong and in constant control of every aspect of their lives.

Just as often, however, it's he who doesn't want the dynamic altered and may prefer to see his wife or girlfriend in a certain light. Unfortunately, that light doesn't include her spanking his bare bottom red and definitely not confession and discipline. 

Then,  there's the girlfriend who makes the half-hearted  attempt at spanking  because she's afraid of  'hurting' and can't  get past her unease. 

Now all of this is difficult if  you're the one in desperate need of a spanking. Trust is an enormous issue and deciding to be spanked by a disciplinarian is not that simple.  

First of all, you must know that the disciplinarian understands what traditional, domestic discipline is (opposed to BDSM) and fully understand that a hard, hand spanking is necessary for you to achieve total loss of control and emotional release.  In other words, you have to be held down and spanked to tears and then some. 

When you're finally made to let go, you'll feel that catharsis a good long while.

Georgia Cane

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


(New York City , NY)

A client of mine told me once that, growing up, he had to wait until after a bath  for his spanking.
That wait could be all day, but directly after dinner, his mother sent him to his room while she ran his bathwater. He remembered how flushed he'd become when he heard the water running because he knew what came next.

When he was in the tub exactly fifteen minutes, his mother ordered him out and into her room where she sat waiting. Then without saying a word, she adjusted her skirt, positioned him over her knee, locked her leg over both of his and  delivered a hand spanking so hard his mind went blank. Between the sting of her hand  on his wet behind and the noise it made, he couldn't hear a thing she was saying. No matter. The  message was received.

For years now, I've incorporated wet spanking into my discipline sessions. I find  it intensifies the sting and without the marks or bruising. After I've spanked a naughty bottom tender with either my hand or an implement,  I apply a hot, wet cloth to it several times. This soothes the bottom and calms them down - momentarily -  then I continue to spank.

Without question, a wet bottom enhances over the knee spanking discipline  It eliminates marks and bruises but still leaves the behind  warm and sore for days.

Mother knows best.