Sunday, May 3, 2015


I'll get right to it. A poor performance review, at work or in school, is the direct result of having poor habits. This is unacceptable and  these habits must be broken.  As a Disciplinarian,  I believe that nothing will rid you of these better than hard, disciplinary spanking; no matter who you are;  or what age. 

Mother knows best and in  your formative years, if you dared to bring her a bad report card, she knew exactly what to do. 

 She knew nothing changed your ways faster than the smack of her bare hand on your bare behind- repeatedly and hard- while, screaming over her knee in pain.  After that, you did your level best never to be spanked like that again.

And more than a few of you remember being punished at school. Teacher made you kneel on the Spanking Bench to wince at the sting of the tawse and cane, striping your bare bottom.   Now you are a responsible adult  but nothing's really changed. 

A poor Evaluation Card calls for the exact same messures as before; and you may consider yourself fortunate to be given the choice between dismissal and severe corporal correction.           

Standing before your boss, scolded, paddled and humilated until you are shamed into submission brings positive results.  Now your creativity is increased.  You are more productive, cooperative;  work relations have improved and the financial gains are significant.

It's a proven method since childhood and holds true today; that  from time to time, good, sound spanking discipline is needed to achieve goals, maintain high standards  and to ensure your continued success in everything you do.

And what can be better than that? 

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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