Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Fall is here and it's time, once again, to devote yourself to the business of productivity.  As you well know; 'nothing succeeds like success' and to achieve it, you must be ambitious, energetic and above all disciplined. Yet on occasion, even the best of you function, for extended periods of time, below par. That's because of inertia and it is the enemy of your personal, financial, creative, and social success. But as a Disciplinarian, I also know that if you cannot muster the strength to snap out of the fog on your own, then the burn of a leather belt, the smack of a wooden paddle, or sting of the cane  your bare behind will most certainly do it for you.

The reasons for inertia are unimportant.  I have identified the root causes for more than a few clients and it has done virtually nothing at all to change their behavior. But repeated hard and painful blows on the bare bottom - bare hand or implement - instantly wipes the ambivalence  from the brain; dormant endorphins release and depression leaves. But this is nothing new. 

Your mother, aunt or teacher probably didn't  know any of that.   What they did know, was that even the threat of  spanking your behind was bad enough to motivate you to do what you were supposed to do.

The trouble is you now lack that authority figure who holds you accountable, reprimands  and corrects your behavior by means of good, hard corporal spanking discipline and so I strongly suggest you find one.

 Look sharp and no excuses. 

 It's time to function at your optimum level.  But if, for any reason, you find  that you cannot meet the task at hand, a hard, blistering spanking on your bare bottom that leaves it red and tender a few days afterward will be just the thing to do it for you.  

In fact, I guarantee that  you will be up and running in no time at all.  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


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Thursday, August 6, 2015

REGULAR PUNISHMENT SPANKING: Not Because You Did But Because You Might.

It's my firm belief many of you could do with regularly administered corporal spanking punishment; not because you have misbehaved or fallen short ; but because you might.

Everything you do has a consequence - both good and bad - and 
life is merciless, as you know.  Procrastion, lack of integrity , dishonesty and defeatism will guarantee to bring the hammer down. 

And the very last thing you want is to act as your own worst enemy. 
Better instead  to endure the blows for strength rather than weakness. 

 For that you will need  detached yet concerned Disciplinarian who will toughen you up and keep you walking the straight and narrow. 

Many of you had Mothers who provided you with regularly scheduled discipline. On a specific night you took your bath and waited for her in your room. Then she delivered the bare bottom corporal punishment required and you understood she did this not to be cruel, but to see to it you weren't  tempted to falter by mischief or weakness.
Today, enduring the blows and lashes of a strict Disciplianarian's 
correction serves as the same reinforcement. 

The sting of a leather belt or heavy blows of a Tawse repeatedly striking on your bare bottom will prepare you for whatever  comes.  You will be tough, focused and clear. You will not ask life for leniency you will meet the challenge, over come  circumstances, and  conquer enemies ( who are here to keep you sharp).
Regularly scheduled corporal discipline helped many of you become the success you are today.  What worked as a child works as an adult.
I believe , as did your mother, that  in these unforgiving times,  regularly scheduled Corporal Punishment will hold many of you in good stead.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane



Wednesday, June 17, 2015


"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso

There may be a time when you need to  re-experience a defining , disciplinary moment in your life and find someone who comprehends, guides you in the corporal correction  you remember. She must have eyes that see the eleven  year old boy playing near the tracks or swimming alone across the lake; then take you across her knee and redden your behind until you are in tears. 
In adult spanking discipline, vision takes imagination and imagination becomes reality. 

 A Disciplinarian knows she is the embodiment of your aunt, teacher and neighbor who  taught  the consequences of bad behavior and she will return you to the child, teenager or both  you remember. 

She will put you in that position your aunt demanded; on her lap or over her chair  and feel her bare hand, slipper, hairbrush or belt reddening your bare and tender eleven year old bottom.  The pain and tears erase everything from your mind. You are that boy.

What's real

We are all both male and female and, at times, that  girl -or boy- inside getting away with mischief needs spanking and disciplining too.  Their spanking  is long overdue and they must be given attention.  

Others of you are tyrants at home or at work. In this case, turn about is fair play. As  disciplinarian, I believe you should serve and be punished for least little thing.  Nothing less than perfection will do; and if you are perfect, you be will punished for no reason at all.

                                               But you'll be the happier for it.

In adult behavioral correction, the only truth is what you feel.   


Sunday, May 3, 2015


I'll get right to it. A poor performance review, at work or in school, is the direct result of having poor habits. This is unacceptable and  these habits must be broken.  As a Disciplinarian,  I believe that nothing will rid you of these better than hard, disciplinary spanking; no matter who you are;  or what age. 

Mother knows best and in  your formative years, if you dared to bring her a bad report card, she knew exactly what to do. 

 She knew nothing changed your ways faster than the smack of her bare hand on your bare behind- repeatedly and hard- while, screaming over her knee in pain.  After that, you did your level best never to be spanked like that again.

And more than a few of you remember being punished at school. Teacher made you kneel on the Spanking Bench to wince at the sting of the tawse and cane, striping your bare bottom.   Now you are a responsible adult  but nothing's really changed. 

A poor Evaluation Card calls for the exact same messures as before; and you may consider yourself fortunate to be given the choice between dismissal and severe corporal correction.           

Standing before your boss, scolded, paddled and humilated until you are shamed into submission brings positive results.  Now your creativity is increased.  You are more productive, cooperative;  work relations have improved and the financial gains are significant.

It's a proven method since childhood and holds true today; that  from time to time, good, sound spanking discipline is needed to achieve goals, maintain high standards  and to ensure your continued success in everything you do.

And what can be better than that? 

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


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Monday, April 27, 2015


I believe, in order for us to adhere to "the better angels of our nature"  that we must be held accountable to a strict authority.

When you are held accountable,  you understand you have standards to meet and you are not alone to indulge in reckless, irresponsible or waton behavior. There are rules of conduct to obey. Those rules come with consequences and, as a Disciplinarian, the consequence is spanking;  and it is meaningful and sometimes severe.  Because done properly, spanking discipline is the most effective method of positive reinforcement.

"For the moment, all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later yields the peaceful fruit of right living to those who have been trained by it." 


A strong authority has your best interest at heart. She controls, but does not smoother.  She corrects with force, but will not injure.  And she never breaks your spirit, but strenghthens it;  so that you are fit and able to conquer the challenges an indifferent life may bring.

The hand, strap, hairbrush, tawse or cane brought down repeatedly on your exposed bare bottom, reinforces the scolding that comes along with corporal correction.  
"Stripes that wound cleanse away evil; and strokes make clean the innermost  parts." 

But then now you've emerged from the experience purged, strong an focused. Even the soreness you feel for the next several days, reminds you that your bottom has been well   tended and you've taken your consequences  like a woman or a man. 

Accountability and consequence remind you that you are not alone and there is a responsible, authority who cares for you and what you  do.
Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


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Friday, December 26, 2014


Hello Ladies,

 I am re-posting this entry because,  due to the brilliance of Blogspot,   a  touch ; and   the original has dis -appeared  never to be found again.  But while the wording may be different, my message to you will be exactly the same.
Lately, I've been getting  emails from wives asking me whether or not they should be spanking their husbands.  As a Disciplinarian, here is what I can tell you.
 Alpha men may shoulder the responsibilities and decision making in the workplace, but at home,  the  woman is the one in charge,    And when he is out of control, he needs to be seriously brought back  into line. By that I mean taken over the knee, pants down, and delivered a hard bottom blistering spanking to his bare bottom. And  that someone, Ladies, is you.

Make no mistake men like, boys, will deliberately try your patience and they're fully aware of what the are doing. Still nobody wants to be the whining woman, complaining woman finding fault with every little thing.  In fact, I most of you would prefer to be lenient.

But if his conduct is unbearable, it is with your permission. Every time you chose to not to  nip his irritating and inconsiderate antics in the bud, you were training and conditioning him to continue.

 It's time to recondition your man.

Look him in the eye and tell him in no uncertain terms, you will no longer be putting up with his foolishness and  the next time he ignores you in public, comes home intoxicated or lets dinner get cold, you will march him into the bedroom, take off his pants, put him over your knee, and deliver a bottom blistering spanking to his bare behind until it is red, purple and blue. Make that the first and the last warning.
Then when he acts    up again - and he will - do exactly that.
Never less than seventy-five severe blows to his bare bottom, and if your hand alone can't  get it done, grab your hairbrush.

Ladies, the next time he'll think twice before doing something to displease you; and then  he'll decide not to do it.
And if you're out in public when he misbehaves  just say, "...wait until we get home."  He will calm down then and there with plenty of time to anticipate the punishment in store.

Husbands need to feel protected and know that when they're unable to control themselves,
someone is around to do it for them.  And that someone is going to be you.
The truth is, after you've burned his behind a few times, he'll be the  partner you want and  give you the respect and appreciation you deserve.  And the both of you will be the happier for it.

Happy Spanking.

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All Things Spanking

Sunday, October 5, 2014


(New York City, NY)

There are times when more severe methods of domestic discipline are required . .

You've done something that must remain secret. But the guilt and fear are increasingly heavy to lift. .

Or have compulsions you are helpless to control.

For validation you may see a psychiatrist; who will say you've done nothing wrong.

If it's penance you seek, see a priest who'll absolve you of your crimes with a wave of the hand
But Confession isn't always good for the soul.

Only pain cleans a guilt ridden conscience.

The blows of hard wood and leather on your bare and bruised bottom, followed by repeated lashes of the cane bring you tears of agony. You have no influence. You are at the complete mercy of a disciplinarian who punishes you as she alone sees fit.
Because only then you will be truly penitent.

                                                    And more importantly - free

Warm Bottoms ,
Georgia Cane


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