Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Election time is here and,  as a Disciplinarian,  I'm reminded of how some  politicians can be as willful and disobedient as children.  They will not pay attention unless they see candy and filibuster when they can't have their way.  They will not do their homework  and carefully read bills before signing , or be in attendance to  vote for or against them.

Therefore, like children, an authoritarian is  needed to see to it they properly behave; and as I am sure  you're aware,  that enforcer is referred to as The Whip.

Unfortunately, the Whip's means of  behavioral  correction has it's limitations and it's my belief, for the more heard headed cases,  a strict, no nonsense spanking Disciplinarian is required. The Whip gives free reign to deliver punishment as the Disciplinarian sees fit; and deliver she does. 

The errant officeholder is taken to a small office consisting of blackboard, desk and chair known as The Motivation Room.
Upon entering trousers and underwear are removed and he stands in position;  bare bottom, feet apart, eyes forward and hands behind back - as she reads his misdeeds.

Consequences for bad behavior are as follows.
For demanding candy:  Present hands - palms up - to endure five swats each of the tawse.  Then, over the desk for seventy five smacks of the wood paddle and twenty lashes of leather belt on the bare bottom.  Next bare bottom exposed to the blackboard writing one hundred  times, "I will pay attention." Then over the knee again  and fifty-five bare handed smacks for good measure.

For not getting your way and filibustering:  A hard bare bottom spanking until your behind is good and sore and nose in the corner  until she tells you otherwise.   

Not doing homework and having the temerity of signing bills you haven't read: Over the chair you go to be thrashed with razor strap until  she believes  your bottom is sufficiently bruised and tender.  Next; sprayed with alcohol, followed by the sting of a rattan cane.   Then, with  welts raised, you sit painfully on the hard wooden chair and reiterate to her the  reason for correction.

For absenteeism and the failure to vote on legislation: naked; legs spread; hands on ankles; bottom in full view and twenty lashes of the strap for every single bill which has escaped your attention.

All for the best.

At the behest of the Whip, the Disciplinarian helps to see that things run  smoothly and provides intensely motivating corporal punishment.   Together Whip and Disciplinarian create the same sound, structured environment required to raise well behaved children and errant politicians .

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane    



Monday, February 1, 2016


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Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Sunday, January 24, 2016


 Relativity applies to physics not ethics

-Albert Einstein-

When the new year roles in, people resolve the usual; to diet, or quit smoking, to exercise more often or to stop procrastinating  but how many will resolve to be ethical?  Sound trivial?  Probably but  it may be of more consequence than you know. Think it this way.  Ethics are a form of discipline. Without ethics, you're more easily tempted to justify that small misdeed; and should all go well, you will justify another.  Now welcome to the slippery slope of catastrophe where bedlam awaits you with open arms.   

It is my belief that ethics should be taught early and reinforced regularly; and as a Disciplinarian, it is also my opinion that the most effective means of teaching ethics is punishment. 

Of course, there are those who are truly incorrigible.  They are either immune to punishment or  they relish it.  By and large however, most of us would rather live in the ease of  a clear conscious  than turmoil by day and insomnia by night.   

Because when you fudge the numbers or remove the item that 'won't be missed'  you move closer to the invisible line; and next time - there's always a next time - you step closer.  It's in increments your judgement erodes until there is none left  to speak of.  Soon you're doing things you never thought you'd do, in places you never thought you'd be; with people you never wanted to know.

No matter how frantically you claw up the slope, the bottom speeds upward to your face.  Tragic yes,  but  avoidable. When you're held accountable by a strict authority, these things don't happen. 

 I suggest you report to a Disciplinarian for preventative punishment and regularly present your bare bottom to the unyielding lash of her belt, paddle and/or  cane until your cheeks are evenly bruised, marked and welted.  In this way you will hold to acceptable ethics and practices and never again will you live in turmoil and pandemonium.   

Better to endure instructive blows of a concerned authority than coping a plea to a vengeful one because, in such cases such as these, punishment is the way we learn. 

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Ladies, I'm fairly certain you are here for wanting nothing more than to take down your husband's pants, bend him over a chair and take a paddle,  hairbrush or belt,  to wallop his bare bottom until it is beet red, bruised, and sore to the touch.  But this may be just what your husband needs you to do and the only thing standing between your strap and his behind is the experience.  As a Disciplinarian I can tell you this.  No one knows your partner better than you and no one can be more angry about what he does to cross your line.  So I say - have at it - and if necessary get a mature woman to show you how it's done.     

 The single most important requirement is  the determination to show him who's boss.   That means making sure his bottom feels everything you  can't forcefully enough put in words. 

Tell him what he's done to annoy you then bend his arrogant bare bottom over a chair and lash it with leather as many times as you see fit.  It will be left to you to determine what he can take and what he can't.

Or have him grab his ankles, to show you submission and an even more the perfect view.  

And if your husband insists upon acting like a baby, then spank him in the diaper position so he can feel like one.

The old fashioned, over the knee bare bottom spanking, the kind his mother should have given him,  is always  effective.

 If your husband was raised by the switch; then it's a good birching on the bottom and upper legs to remember the word "obedient." 

Whenever it's his turn to cook; first stripe his backside over a kitchen table, just to make a point.   

 After two or three of these "air cleansings" all you'll need say to him is "wait until we get home".  After three or four; a look will suffice.

Ladies; why put off the inevitable?  You know what needs to be done and I can assure you, the sooner you take charge of your man, the happier you both will be.

 Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Your weight is, once again, out of control. Perhaps it's not your lack of dieting that's at issue but, rather, your lack of diligence. Because, as a Disciplinarian I know that without discipline, diets don't work. 

Like it or not, losing weight - and keeping it off - are the result of both regimented exercise and no-nonsense eating habits.  No short cuts and  should you, somehow, manage to the loose weight without applying these two disciplines, then surely, it will find you again.

There are, of course,  other  methods at attempting weight control.  You may tether yourself to a  calorie counter,  while living in fear and contemplation of every morsel that nears your mouth. 

Or to be the disappointing dinner guest at Palm One who orders the vegetable salad with a wedge of lemon. 

  Both efforts, while sufficiently tiresome,  are not quite  sustainable.  Soon, between restriction and anxiety, you'll begin obsessing on the things you cannot have ; 

                             and indulge as never before.

 Commitment, however essential, is never enough. When one continually fails to exercise self discipline, then discipline must be administered and it's my belief that a mature woman, of strict authority, is best suited  to the task.   She'll reward when deserved, but punish when required  - severely if necessary - then take the reigns, guide and train until self-discipline is properly learned.    

                     Effort is less impressive than result. For the most part, hand holding weight loss groups while comforting,  pursue goals that, if achieved, rarely last. 

I believe in getting results or I'll know the reason why and that means consequences (good and bad) are important.  For example, an old fashioned, hard, bottom burning spanking on a willfully indulgent,  deliberately disobedient young lady is paramount for her behavioral correction.  Each and every smack of the hairbrush, sting of the belt and smack of the bare hand to her bare bottom  will deter further disobedience and teach her to follow instructions and stay on course.

After her bottom is reddened, sore to the touch so that she is unable to comfortably sit for several days afterward, she'll lose her desire sweets 

and gain a new appreciation for discipline.   
Because groups and gadgets cannot provide discipline and without  discipline, diets don't work.  


Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Fall is here and it's time, once again, to devote yourself to the business of productivity.  As you well know; 'nothing succeeds like success' and to achieve it, you must be ambitious, energetic and above all disciplined. Yet on occasion, even the best of you function, for extended periods of time, below par. That's because of inertia and it is the enemy of your personal, financial, creative, and social success. But as a Disciplinarian, I also know that if you cannot muster the strength to snap out of the fog on your own, then the burn of a leather belt, the smack of a wooden paddle, or sting of the cane  your bare behind will most certainly do it for you.

The reasons for inertia are unimportant.  I have identified the root causes for more than a few clients and it has done virtually nothing at all to change their behavior. But repeated hard and painful blows on the bare bottom - bare hand or implement - instantly wipes the ambivalence  from the brain; dormant endorphins release and depression leaves. But this is nothing new. 

Your mother, aunt or teacher probably didn't  know any of that.   What they did know, was that even the threat of  spanking your behind was bad enough to motivate you to do what you were supposed to do.

The trouble is you now lack that authority figure who holds you accountable, reprimands  and corrects your behavior by means of good, hard corporal spanking discipline and so I strongly suggest you find one.

 Look sharp and no excuses. 

 It's time to function at your optimum level.  But if, for any reason, you find  that you cannot meet the task at hand, a hard, blistering spanking on your bare bottom that leaves it red and tender a few days afterward will be just the thing to do it for you.  

In fact, I guarantee that  you will be up and running in no time at all.  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


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Thursday, August 6, 2015

REGULAR PUNISHMENT SPANKING: Not Because You Did But Because You Might.

It's my firm belief many of you could do with regularly administered corporal spanking punishment; not because you have misbehaved or fallen short ; but because you might.

Everything you do has a consequence - both good and bad - and 
life is merciless, as you know.  Procrastion, lack of integrity , dishonesty and defeatism will guarantee to bring the hammer down. 

And the very last thing you want is to act as your own worst enemy. 
Better instead  to endure the blows for strength rather than weakness. 

 For that you will need  detached yet concerned Disciplinarian who will toughen you up and keep you walking the straight and narrow. 

Many of you had Mothers who provided you with regularly scheduled discipline. On a specific night you took your bath and waited for her in your room. Then she delivered the bare bottom corporal punishment required and you understood she did this not to be cruel, but to see to it you weren't  tempted to falter by mischief or weakness.
Today, enduring the blows and lashes of a strict Disciplianarian's 
correction serves as the same reinforcement. 

The sting of a leather belt or heavy blows of a Tawse repeatedly striking on your bare bottom will prepare you for whatever  comes.  You will be tough, focused and clear. You will not ask life for leniency you will meet the challenge, over come  circumstances, and  conquer enemies ( who are here to keep you sharp).
Regularly scheduled corporal discipline helped many of you become the success you are today.  What worked as a child works as an adult.
I believe , as did your mother, that  in these unforgiving times,  regularly scheduled Corporal Punishment will hold many of you in good stead.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane