Friday, April 11, 2014

Spanking Discipline: For Training in Manners and Etiquette

A lot has changed since the mid '50s and 60's, in the way young women behave themselves and it's sad to say, not all for the better.  Conducting yourself like a lady, nowadays, is quaint and it's become common to drink like a fish,to be crude, sexually overt, and to show as much skin as is legally possible.  The Mystery is gone.  As a Disciplinarian, I believe it's high time to bring it back.

Not every girl in the early 60's had a strict upbringing,  went to finishing school or had a governess drilling them on the finer points of conduct.  Nevertheless, society was such that every  girl knew the basics, whether she chose to apply them or not.   

But watch any award show today or open a magazine, and you'll see women - in the public eye -  slouching and round shouldered in designer dresses, lumbering around in heels, or clearly under the influence.  Is it any wonder young women (and mature ones too) act accordingly?  In my opinion, these women need to brought under authority to learn the rudiments of  acceptable feminine behavior. 

And if you have a young woman that you truly care for who is rowdy and out of control,  it is your responsibility  to you drag her  off the street, clean her up and send her to a Disciplinarian for training  -  before it's too late. 

For everything one does, there is a right way and a wrong way.  Proper comportment is no exception.  I will brook no nonsense and take her in hand immediately.  Perhaps even put her over my knee and give her a good, sound bare bottom spanking to set the record straight as to who is in charge. 

People can tell a great deal about a woman by the way she carries herself,   and proper posture is extremely important. There will be no slouching.  She will balance books on top of her head - hours on end if necessary - until  she learns to rise to her full height and move with fluidity and grace.   

She will also learn to sit like a lady, to stand back - straight,  to enter a room, hold a cocktail  or a cup of tea; how to cross and uncross her legs, modulate her voice and (although I don't encourage it) to smoke a cigarette. 

 I demand perfection and will achieve this  at all costs, so if,  for any reason, I feel that she is not giving her all, not only will I spank her sore bottom again, but she may be caned as well. Afterward - raw, welted and all - I will make her sit on a hard wooden chair  to reconsider the wisdom of her defiance.


Of course, I do all this for her own good.  Because I'm certain that every woman - young and mature alike - desires to be lady but one whose manners don't appear  studied, and more "to the manner born". Since that's rarely the case these days,merciless etiquette training and strict corporal discipline is required.

However, there will be metamorphosis. 

And in the end, she will be grateful to you for taking this action -  and you will be more than pleased with yourself - but do try to remember,that being a lady takes constant practice and occasional reinforcement.  So if she becomes lax, don't be irritated.     Send her to be Disciplined.



Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Thursday, April 3, 2014


It's my belief, as a Disciplinarian, that traditional couples therapy is often not effective.  That's because it fails to deal squarely on two key issues - consideration and accountability  - and they're important. 

Mother began teaching you, at an early age, to be nice, play fair; and to share your toys with playmates.  Back then, if  she caught you snatching things from your little friends hands, just to made them cry, or hit people- especially a boy hitting a girl - she took you over her knee, pulled down your underwear pants and spanked your bare bottom smartly.  While, I'm sure, you didn't appreciate this at the time, you understand today the merits of generosity and fair play  that your mother instilled. I believe those same lessons should apply in all the relationships in your life -  including marriage.

In the beginning, marriage can be exciting;  almost as if  your partners are your brand new toys. But then, like everything new, their shine gets dull and what was exciting once is for granted now. 
You become insensitive and say whatever you like. You will not play fair, you want everything your way - no matter what - and  you refuse to compromise. You may even be downright stingy and  bear in mind, this  goes for you both. Truth be told, it's not discussing who pushed who first which is important here - it's the lack of discipline - and that's why you both need spanking.

Because, unless your partner is a control freak, bully or vampire ( in which case, you should be spanked  for staying)  your issues can be resolved but traditional therapy may actually raise more problems than solve.  On the other hand, Spanking Discipline is simple.  

First: Admit to what you do to annoy each other. 
Second: In front of your spouse; take your punishment.  

From watching you receive your comeuppance, they can finally witness justice being served and administered without a hint of favoritism.

 Even, the best therapist can be charmed by a husband and  dislike a wife ( or vice versa ) but it takes two to tango. Nor will you be  truly held accountable without consequences and t
herapists don't judge. They're trained to be passive and understand - even validate - the most willfully errant behavior.  It's my opinion, saying things like, "I see and how does that make you feel" is a waste of time  and sends the wrong message.

When it comes to behavioral correction, I believe that actions speak louder than words - and for couples that don't play fair, strict, impartial punishment the is equalizer required. If
 you've been wrong and you know it, I won't ask you how you feel.  I will make it my business to know exactly how you feel.  When my bare hand makes contact with your bare behind,  you will feel in pain and very sorry. 

One in front of the other, I'd  take you over my knee, or a bench and  spank your bottoms with my hand or my belt. You may get paddled, tawsed or caned as well, and the implement used will all depend on the deed. 

You've now gotten to observe while your partner is punished. You are validated, vindicated and satisfied that justice is served.  More importantly however, simultaneous punishment at the hands of a Disciplinarian, is a bonding experience which actually  strengthens the relationship. 

Because enduring corporal punishment on your behave, is perhaps the most sincere expression of apology. The two of you leave connected, affectionate and more inclined to  "play nice" than ever before. 

Then you can compare your well spanked and nicely burning bottoms.

That's couple therapy that works.

Warm Bottoms, 
Georgia Cane

Saturday, February 22, 2014


It's time you did something about your temper.

When you find yourself apologizing, time and again,  for losing your temper,  it's a safe bet you're not being sincere, but instead,  indulging in your slightly sadistic side. Don't be too alarmed. This is a streak most of us are born with and, in fact, little children take pleasure in the act of  hitting.  That is until they learn such actions have consequences.

As children  get older, some of this aggression becomes verbal.  This is about the time mother  said things to you like, "watch your words" or " don't be rude." More often than not, these admonitions were  followed closely by a spanking or two and eventually, you learned to control your tongue.  

However some of you, only hid this tendency, and now that you're  adults -  with few deterrents - you  give free reign to your tantrums; screaming  at colleagues, spouses and  staff alike;  at times even making some cry.   Afterward, under the pretense of remorse,  you will apologize in order to save face and try to appease your conscience.  

That doesn't work because, deep down, you know better and your conscience can't be fooled.  Now you feel guilt but  guilt, without punishment, creates burden.  Burden is hard to carry and should be relived.   

Therefore,  just as when you were a child, you must be punished,  and this punishment must be serious, strict and thoroughly beyond your control. 

 I suggest you present yourself before a strong and capable woman; one who will take no guff -  bend you over her knee and  spank  your bare bottom severely. Spank it until the pain wipes out your brain ,  tears flow  and your red behind is hot and stings to the touch.  Kicking and begging  will not stop the blows and when she decides she's  done,  you are  weak and unable to sit comfortably for days. 

 That is the way to truly atone.   Then you will be  guilt free, relived of burden and  enjoy  a cleared mind and a clean conscience.

          It will  behoove you to bear this in mind, because the day of reckoning is at hand and the apologies  you make for your verbally sadistic behavior are woefully inadequate.  

 A  good, hard,  over the knee, bare bottom spanking is the only thing that will ever set the record straight,

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn

Tuesday, July 16, 2013



   When "the one" in your life is out of control, it's up to you to give them a grounding; and in some 
cases, this means no less than a good, solid, no nonsense, bottom burning spanking to tears and beyond.

   I'm of the opinion that whether you use a bare hand (my personal favorite) belt, tawse, rattan cane, leather paddle, hairbrush or wooden spoon, a good over- the-knee spanking will do more to correct bad behavior than all the scolding, lectures and threats in the world. That's why it's always the last resort.

   An authentic domestic disciplinary spanking has no safe words. Mothers, teachers, aunts and governesses  didn't adhere to your pleads for mercy (for that matter, nor do I) and it is administered on the bottom - only.
   Spanking is Nature's version of shock treatment therapy - minus the damage.  After a few hard, backside stinging smacks commence, minds blank, endorphins release and cobwebs clear. In my experience, I've found Seventy-Five hard and rapid, bare handed spanks on the bare, will succeed in getting their attention.

  Then, eventually, calm replaces tears, physical pain is almost forgotten and all that remains is the message. After one or two of these experiences, his bad behavior will be effectively altered, if not  changed completely.
   Making allowances for your partner's  naughtiness is not responsible, but if you can't bring yourself to give him a spanking, then find someone who can.  See to it that he stay on the straight and narrow, is productive, well mannered - and Spanked.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


From time to time, I'm asked by the head of various firms to design a program that enforces Discipline in the work place.

Here is a copy of a letter containing solutions that I recently sent to the director of a large U.S. hospital. 

Dear Dr. O.

I am an efficiency expert  hired by your hospital to evaluate how best to improve the professional conduct of your staff.
After much observation, I have developed a procedure best suited to the disposition of your subordinates.
While these methods were orthodox a half century ago, they have again found favor as an effective tool in enforcing rule and modifying behavior.

The following methods are to be implemented only with the full consent of the subordinate.  In addition, the subordinate is to be given the option to choose between these disciplinary actions - and termination.  Should they successfully fight the termination proceedings, the reprimand will, nevertheless, remain on permanent record.

First Offense.
Male or Female
Verbal Reprimand and Final Warning.

Second Offense.
Male or Female
Implement: Heavy Leather Paddle.
Bend the subordinate over a chair.  Over underwear deliver TWENTY hard and evenly measured blows with the Paddle.

Third offense.
Female Only
Implement/ Your Bare Hand
Take the subordinate across your knee and administer 
TWENTY-FIVE bare-handed spanks over the underpants.  Then pull down the panties and deliver FIFTY hard spanks with your bare hand on her bare bottom. Take care to hit repeatedly in the same spot until the behind becomes visibly red.

Third Offense.
Male Only
Implement/Leather Paddle
Position this willful offender - fully naked - and bent over with ankles grabbed and legs slightly apart.
Deliver TWENTY-FIVE forceful and evenly measured blows of the Paddle to the buttocks.
(Alternative: Kneeling, elbows on the floor and bottom presented).

There are no fourth chances.

No mercy under any circumstances.  These are the consequences of self indulgence, disrespect for authority and overall lack of maturity.
Unfortunate though it may be that such lessons were not understood in childhood, you will find the above methods yielding excellent results.  For the vast majority, the threat alone of Spanking Discipline is often sufficient and I've no doubt Dr. O., that you will have every success in bringing your workforce into line.

Truly Yours,

Georgia Cane
Behavioral Corrections Specialist

"A Hard Head Makes a Red Behind"

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Lately it's become clear that people require two types of Spanking: Disciplinary and Punishment. Yes, I know  both fall under the umbrella  of corporal punishment but I believe some distinctions do exist.

Discipline is given to enforce obedience, to train or achieve perfection. Personally, I prefer giving over the knee, bare hand to bare bottom spankings but I may also use a hairbrush.  Depending upon the infraction, I might even  bend them over a chair so that I can apply my belt, my paddle - or both.  
Scolding  is  important as well.  Strong verbal correction - without vulgarity or profanity - will ensure he understands the nature of his misdeed.  In some cases, corner time or  washing that mouth out with soap is in order. However,  no matter what method I choose, discipline is always followed by reassurance. 


But unlike discipline,  punishment is a penalty. It's impersonal, severe and administered with few words.   Punishment is consequence. And when someone's in need of punishment, a bare hand on his bare backside alone won't do but leather and wood will. 

 The Paddle, Tawse or Cane are my implements of choice. For punishment, the colder, and less personal the better, even if  your wife's the one burning your backside.

 True, in D/s,  Spanking and its terminology is fairly elastic but I have to say in the case of a Domnitrix and Disciplinarian, there's  a genuine difference.  For one thing, "bottoms" are not (generally) "subs" and while it's  all  power exchange   "submissives", unlike spankophile "bottoms" have real reluctance and fear at the thought of being held helplessly in place and spanked until pain wipes every  thought from their brain. They aren't receiving pleasure from pain itself,  but rather from the catharsis that follows - in addition to the endorphin release, mental clarity, confidence  and other empowering effects spanking provides. 

I notice that Europeans have no difficulty making the distinction between a Disciplinarian and Domnitrix and I  know people who visit them both.  Could be  because corporal punishment was so much a part of their education. After all, pain is the commonality.  It's the psychological approach and execution that differ. 

 So Discipline and Punishment aren't the same. 

And that is why Variety is the spice of life.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Thursday, April 25, 2013


 When someone I know deserves a real spanking, the palm of my hand will begin to itch.  It's as if  my hand, can't wait to burn that misbehaving bottom to teach it a lesson; and say what you will, there is nothing like skin to skin. 

There are times, when you just don't want to look for an implement, especially if  he (or she) has been told, several times, that what he does gets on your nerves. It could be his drinking too much, procrastinating with the bills, or one too many smart remarks but when I've reached the boiling point,(and provided we're at home), I will take him - pants down - across my knee and let my hand do the talking.     

If an adult continuously forgets his behavior, he deserves to be reminded by a spanking and one he'll not soon forget -  unrestrained, informal and  sound. 

Administering a good over the knee spanking will always correct his behavior, but just as importantly satisfy my itch.

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn.