Thursday, December 22, 2016


We may think we understand our actions and the reasons why we do the things we do; but not always.  You may even believe that, by now, your personalities are set in stone as you seem to become more rigid with every passing year. And you may even tell yourselves that you're just "set in your way" but this too is not necessarily the case.  As a Disciplinarian, I know this: habits can be broken and Discipline changes behavior.  Think of your brain as a kind of computer. Now imagine your bottom the hard drive.  Not unlike clearing and resetting your computer from a virus;  a spanking reconfigures your brain, and age does not matter.   Even the most deeply entrenched habits of mature men and women are changed and not for a week,  month or for a year. They are changed for a LIFETIME.

Your brain has been programmed (like a computer) for quite a while.  Make no mistake.  It takes no shortage of expertise to access and replace the negative input with the positive.  Experience has proven that sound verbal correction along with regular application of the Belt, Paddle, Tawse or Cane on the bare bottom, is the best method; which is why clients tell me that I've done more for them in a single spanking than they've received from years of talk therapy.

The difference being:  I don't care WHY you're destructive.  I see to it that it,  that you STOP!

 Cognitively, your brain doesn't realize what it's doing.  You're engaging in patterns which keep repeating, even though you're well aware that they're ruining your life  ("Westworld").  Strict Spanking Discipline breaks you of those patterns by reprogramming you to disengage.

 Your brain is the frog that sits in the pan of slowly heating water. Habit is familiar and familiar is comfortable until, of course,  it isn't. Habits come in two ways:  Compulsive behavior; like throwing temper tantrums, eating when you aren't hungry, overspending or excessive time on the internet; and addictions such as cigarette smoking, drugs, and alcohol.
In the same way, the spankings your mother gave you as a child ( or a  least should have) set the boundaries you dared not cross; as an adult, a good sound, no-nonsense bare bottom spanking can now break you of those habits to keep you on course.  Spanking is not, I repeat not abuse. It should be delivered only on the bare bottom and never to the point of obviously sadistic physical injury.

That being said,  behavioral spanking is not playful and although every threshold is different,  a spanking hurts; which is unconsciously the precise reason why you behave long after your sore bottom is a vague memory.  You will, however, remember the consequences you paid when you stepped out of line.

In some cases, a single lesson works; for others, weekly, monthly or bi-yearly are in order. In any event, after the initial goal has been accomplished a degree of maintenance will be required.
Nevertheless, your burden is lifted,  your mind is at rest, you're free from compulsion and most importantly, your brain is reset.

Smooth sailing from then on.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


NYC Spanking Disciplinarian