Thursday, March 30, 2017


I believe there's really nothing frivolous about  role play. Under the guidance of a strict and intuitive Disciplinarian, imaginative role play takes you back to the uncluttered mind of a curious naughty child or a  challenging boy or girl on the verge of young adulthood.  Those were times when  important lessons were learned; lessons that helped you through your entire life and are experiences that should be relived periodically to maintain.

In role play no matter how grown you believed you were, consequences for bad behavior were taught on your bare bottom, often with the palm of an opened hand or hairbrush smacking your cheeks repeatedly -  on one spot -  until it is  red, tender and sore. 
And just as you  remember,  spanking is  done to reinforce a stern scolding.  You don't hit girls.  You don't talk back to the teacher. Peeking in girls locker rooms  gets you pulled by the ear and marched to the principal's office, where she promptly exposes your bottom and bends you over the desk to apply the cane.

For some of you, certain infractions  called for certain punishments. You sassed back now go and get the switch from the bush outside so she can burn your behind up.   Your report card is not up to par so assume the position  over the chair and prepare for the lash of the belt. You took the car without permission.  Get ready to go over her knee to get the spanking of your life. No one cares how grown you think you are.

Now what are the lessons?  Men who deserve respect, do not hit women.   Respect authority and mind your tongue.  It's better to be prudent than unemployed.  Spying on people is invasive and deviant behavior which is actionable by law.  Once the punishment was delivered and the tears subsided, you were made to understand the reasons were for your own good.  It was done to see to it that you became a successful, integrated member of society and was actually no less than a pragmatic form of love.

As a Disciplinarian I believe, from time to time, through role play, we can revisit these important experiences; and there is nothing pretend about that.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

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