Friday, April 14, 2017


Ladies, mother taught you of life and men so that you'd be in charge of them both.  

That is why when you were a teen, she gave you curfew.  If you stayed past it, there were consequences and the penalty was severe.  Even at sixteen, you were not too grown to go over her knee with skirt up and undies down while she repeatedly applied her hairbrush, bare hand and belt to your bare bottom until it was red, sore and burning hot.  And on a date, the threat of that spanking  took on a life of its own; like some invisible chaperon watching every move that was made.  There was no use sneaking because she was always up waiting.  But boys will be boys and Mother knew  best. 

Spanking was her way of teaching you a valuable lesson:  Life isn't fair; and in it, you will either be in charge of it or pay the price.  To put another way; either you spank life; or life spanks you. 
What better place to start with than boys?

Because men are like children.  They love a challenge and it's for this reason alone, they'll use charm and their powers to persuade to test your resolve.   But you knew the consequences and why be spanked for something you didn't want to do.  Besides, once you give in, you lose.  

Now that you're an adult with a mind of your own and you've taken Mother's teachings one step further.  Men are like children.  They may cause you trouble if they're not controlled and need the strict discipline you know just how to deliver. 

When he becomes unruly, over your knee he goes, pants down as you repeatedly smack his bare bottom with your hairbrush,  belt and bare hand 'til his behind is red, stinging and burning hot. You control your men as you do your life and the only one spanking is you.    

Thanks, Mom.  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


NYC Spanking Disciplinarian


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