Tuesday, July 4, 2017




This is a reminder from Miss Cane.

Your Alpha male is driven by generous servings of energy, confidence,  curiosity and drive;
and at least,  once upon a time  you found these traits attractive.
They can be again.

The problem is drive turns into overdrive making him nervous, barking and controlling. You may be climbing the walls but he's careening out of control,  praying for someone to hit the brakes and shut off the engine.  That someone is you.  So Ladies as a Disciplinarian,  I strongly suggest for the benefit of his equilibrium - and your own - that you enforce authority.

For example; when least expected, you may order your partner to strip bare and to don an apron. Leather strap in hand, march him to the kitchen and tell him to do some task of your choosing.
Then warn him of the  consequences should he fail to properly complete that task; which, of course,  he won't.

Now you may express your displeasure by bending him over the block; lashing his exposed, bare bottom with a hard, thin belt until pain and tears line his face and raised welts mark his bruised and tender skin.
And always remember Ladies,  it's enough only when you say it is; and not a second before.

But when the spanking ends and you soothe his burn and wipe his tears away,  he's rebalanced relieved and grateful.  That means you've established your authority and that all your headaches are at an end  (until thedoit-orelse.blogspot.com next time anyway).

                                    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE LADIES

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


 NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

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