Friday, May 26, 2017


As a Disciplinarian, I believe the reasons you indulge in bad behavior are of less importance than making them stop; and that seeking root causes for bad habits do very little to change them.

Now some of you like processes more than solutions and prefer to ponder, ruminate, agonize, validate, co-sign, riff  - and repeat.  But after much Sturm und Drang,  here you are again, terrorizing business partners, letting loose at home, paying yet another speeding ticket, and sneaking back from places where you can't be seen and have no business going.  But for those of you who crave results, the solution is simple:  An Over-the-knee, no-nonsense, domestic spanking discipline  - with strong verbal correction - curbs bad behavior, adjusts attitude and sets your conduct straight.

Regardless of your age, your sex, your status or gender; this method is time-honored, tried and true. Nothing stops you dead in your tracks faster than a strict disciplinarian bending your bare behind over her knee, and burning your bottom 'til it's red, stinging and sore to the touch. And like a good mother,  she won't stop because tears are streaming your face while you kick and thrash in misery. She stops when she feels you've learned your lesson -  and not a minute before.

But between the blistering bottom and verbal re-enforcement, the message is received. In short order, your taste for dangerous mischief is done.

And now that this is settled  - with all the rules in place -  you'll be alive and healthy to examine the past with a clearer head, renewed energy, a clean conscious and a well spanked and nicely burning bottom.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Do It...Or Else!

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