Monday, September 16, 2019


As a Disciplinarian, it's not uncommon for me to answer questions about spanking procedures or various techniques, but recently, 
ALL THINGS SPANKING asked a slightly different question and now I'm sharing my answer here with you. 


Many people fantasize about being spanked to tears, yet that is often difficult to achieve.  You have confessed some success in causing tears. Do you just spank hard until it happens?  Is there a secret? 


I've found that tears result from the connection you make to the person receiving discipline and more of an energy exchange than a power or role reversal. 

It's a keyed-in  - detached - intuitive "read"  which reaches the spot that makes you cry.  It could be only a word or they may not be aware of just why they're in tears. We're in the subconscious and some almost left forgetting their shoes. 

Spanking discipline is one thing, but you can be disciplined without being spanked.

I seriously doubt most grown men can be spanked to tears. They're taught early-on that "boys don't cry.  No matter  how much they crave catharsis,  the harder you spank them, the tougher they get ; and a tear or two shed from pain is not sufficient.  

It's not brutality.  It's instinct   

Take, for example, the mother who can look at her child, tell he has misbehaved and scold him to tears without a spanking. 

Her intensity and intuition are enough to make him cry.  The spanking comes next.  

So connection and intuition trigger tears and spanking adds to that.  

And the same is true for punishment spanking which is punitive and executed in silence.         

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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