Wednesday, March 13, 2013


(New York City , NY)

Most of  us were born with a conscience and  as you grow up, you're taught what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior; much of which is universal.  

You were not to steal,  fib,  be mean to others,  exhibit rudeness, laziness, to be disrespectful to authority or to your elders.   

If you did any of these misdeeds, it was also universal to be taken over a mother's knee, with  pants pulled down - or dress pulled up - and receive a good, hard, bare handed, bare bottom spanking until you cried from anger at being spanked, all the way to real remorse for your actions and by the time she was done,  you'd learned never to do it again.

Due to their in - born conscience and "home training"  when a child gets away with bad behavior it troubles him. Even if he intended not to be caught, it  will secretly aggravate him. Yet he will continue until he receives the punishment he seeks to absolve his  guilt.

This is true for adults as well.  I strongly believe that, very often, some things that were effective as children are still beneficial as adults and  
Spanking Discipline is one of them.

When an adult is rude to his staff,  tells lies (even little white ones)  steals  - anything -   or procrastinates at work,  a Spanking is in order. 

When he's doing things to harm himself such as excessive gambling, overindulging in food, sex or alcohol;  serious discipline is called for.

If it were up to me, I'd take down his underpants and spank the living daylights out of him; past the point that he can tolerate and past the point of tears.  

That way he will feel truly punished for his behavior.   The tears will have washed the guilt away.  His slate is wiped clean - and it's a new day.  
What can be better than that?

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Boys Learn When Bottoms Burn

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  1. All very true. Would like to visit but a) my wife would not approve and b) you are over the pond from here.
    Look forward to reading more about you.

  2. Thank You Miss Cane for Your very instructional writings.

  3. I agree whole heartedly with you. I recently received two speeding tickets. Paying them with cash was the easy part. When I had to show and explain them to my disciplinarian was much more difficult. Since accounting for them to a 22" wooden paddle, a two finger tawse, and many tears; I have had no further traffic violations. Perhaps if our legal system allowed this option for 'paying' tickets there would be safer drivers on the road, as I now am.