Thursday, March 14, 2013


(New York City , NY)


Two things that the Scottish are known for is the (regrettable) deep fried boiled egg wrapped in bacon, and the Tawse.  Many Scottish schoolboys referred to the way it stung their behinds as " The Tingle O'  the Tawse".

The tawse is similar to a belt except that instead of a single piece of thick leather,  the tawse is deeply thonged  (perhaps several times) and  feels like two (or more) straps hitting your backside at once.  It hurts like a belt and stings like a lash;and the tawse and belt are often used interchangeably. 

When I conduct formal discipline I prefer the tawse .  The misbehaved boy must be bent, bare bottom,  over a chair for the tawsing to be most effective.  The tawse I own has a thick wooden handle allowing for  maximum control.  I then decide the number of blows  for each of his infractions (or the magnitude of his particular transgression). 

 For both formal and informal  discipline the belt will do nicely.  If someone is caught- red handed, I can instantly take the belt, throw him across my knee and burn his bare bottom.  No counting and  it will smart for  quite some time.

But when a certain number of severe  lashes is required,  I may use a belt in the same manner I will the tawse.   He will be bent over a chair, bottom bared to receive a number of very sharp and measured blows.

My favorite way to deliver a message may be a good, hard, over the knee, bare handed spanking but that's an intimate and, at times inappropriate method.  

On this side of the pond the belt is much more traditional but rest assured, the Scottish Tawse  is one implement your bottom will not soon forget.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane




  1. would love the belt used on my bare behind!!!

    1. I also would love a good tawseing

    2. Then contact Me. And I will administer a Tawsing to your bottom that will not soon forget.

  2. Have had it used on my bare bottom. It burned and taught me a salutory lesson.

  3. I was just browsing for related blog posts for my project research and I happened to discover yours. Thanks for the excellent information.

  4. The tawse has a density to it that a belt may not have. It`s short, sharp and has me drooling