Saturday, March 9, 2013


 You may once have been a school boy with a tremendous sweet tooth and,  no doubt, you tried but could not resist the pyramids of  chocolate, caramel and hard candy displayed in the sweet shop on the way  to school.  Turkish Delight was the sweetest and perhaps your favorite and even though it was forbidden to bring candy to class, you purchased a bag anyway and smuggled it in.
Whenever the teacher turned her back, you'd sneak a  jelly in your mouth, and it was that much more delicious for deliberately being naughty.  Naturally, she called on you to answer a question with your mouth  full and unable speak and, of course,  you were  punished.
Not  because you had candy, but because you willfully broke the rules and enjoyed getting away with it.

Turkish Delight
After the last classmate left, the door was locked and there you were, alone with a woman strong, stern and easily twice your size.
Trousers and underpants pulled down,  you were positioned -just so- over her knee. Then her bare hand began to strike your backside soundly  - one blow landing harder than the last - while you helplessly kicked and cried. When she was done and you were free to leave, and you were lucky to find a cool stone to sit your bottom on to draw out the sting.
However, you learned that willful disobedience brings consequences.  

Now that you're grown you still indulge in things you shouldn't, although more likely Martinis than Turkish Delight, but whatever your indulgences are  (and they may be anything) you love them all the more when  you do them in secret.
Still your conscience isn't clear,  and you know it.
  You'd be well advised to relieve your burden and present yourself to a strict, disciplinarian who will spank your backside  pink to blue and receive the comeuppance you deserve.  You then will be given a clean slate  and enjoy a clear conscience even if you do sit on pillows for a few days.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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