Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Here you are again - like a chicken with it's head cut off -  running for the airport.  That's because, as usual, you've timed things down to the last minute and now you're in a frenzy.  For all you're micro managing, you failed to anticipate the car being five minutes late, the traffic delay on the highway and the time it sometimes takes to get through customs.  It's useless to sit there barking directions at your driver, but if you stop for another light, you'll jump out and run the rest of the way.  This behavior is compulsive, tiring and yet so counterproductive that I believe it must be some sort of dopamine rush. Whatever the cause, it has got to stop.  If it's a panic attack you require, I suggest having one that will do you some good.  By that I mean find a strict, no nonsense, female  authority, who'll take down your pants, like the grown child you are,  and deliver a serious spanking on your bare bottom  - to tears and more - until you understand that you are not always the one in control;

and as a Disciplinarian, I suggest that since you're a frequent traveler,  you do it soon, or if I have to, I will do it myself. 

Disciplinarians teach through consequences.  When the natural result of poor decisions don't seem to change your ways, a leather belt or hairbrush or even a tawse or cane should also be applied.  Then each transgression must be addressed at a time. 

For the umpteenth headache you've given your wife with your insanely complex travel arrangements, your pants are to be removed and you are taken over her knee.  Her leg is long enough to wrap around both of yours and lock you securely in place. 
Then comes seventy five smacks of her bare hand to your bare bottom; and when your hand wanders back to save your cheeks from her repeated slaps, she'll grab it in her fist and continue to redden your behind. Plead all you want.  She will not hear you.

For accusing the driver of making you late;  fifteen lashes of a thick leather strap and for back seat driving, ten. 
However, since dopamine you crave, she will beat your badly burning bottom with five blows of thick Scottish tawse;  (one lash, may make you see stars) followed by five of the best with a cane.

You learn from your bottom because it smarts to the touch for days but now your mind is clear, your tension is gone and you know what it takes to never be late again.  


Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


NYC Spanking Disciplinarian

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