Tuesday, July 16, 2013


(New York City, NY )


   When "the one" in your life is out of control, it's up to you to give them a grounding; and in some 
cases, this means no less than a good, solid, no nonsense, bottom burning spanking to tears and beyond.

   I'm of the opinion that whether you use a bare hand (my personal favorite) belt, tawse, rattan cane, leather paddle, hairbrush or wooden spoon, a good over- the-knee spanking will do more to correct bad behavior than all the scolding, lectures and threats in the world. That's why it's always the last resort.

   An authentic domestic disciplinary spanking has no safe words. Mothers, teachers, aunts and governesses  didn't adhere to your pleads for mercy (for that matter, nor do I) and it is administered on the bottom - only.
   Spanking is Nature's version of shock treatment therapy - minus the damage.  After a few hard, backside stinging smacks commence, minds blank, endorphins release and cobwebs clear. In my experience, I've found Seventy-Five hard and rapid, bare handed spanks on the bare, will succeed in getting their attention.

  Then, eventually, calm replaces tears, physical pain is almost forgotten and all that remains is the message. After one or two of these experiences, his bad behavior will be effectively altered, if not  changed completely.
   Making allowances for your partner's  naughtiness is not responsible, but if you can't bring yourself to give him a spanking, then find someone who can.  See to it that he stay on the straight and narrow, is productive, well mannered - and Spanked.


  1. I'd have thought"seventy-five hard bare handed
    spanks on the bare backside" would hurt your hand almost as much as his bum.
    Anyway, I think there should always be at
    least ten years difference in age with F/m spanking, to give the woman some semblance of authority over the male.Anything less seems slightly ridiculous to me.

  2. It took me a long time to talk about it.Even to this day I still suffer twinges of embarrassment whenever the topic of "how you were raised" comes up. You see, although it was in a nurturing environment we were reared in, it was a strict one. The governing force in our lives was our mother(stepmother really), who set the tone for my life.
    She was a spanker. What that means is discipline and punishment(as you so aptly described and delineated) was the reward for not following her rules(disobedience, dishonesty,disrespect and general misbehavior, which included attitude were all part of offences that got you spanked).
    It was terribly humiliating, not to mention painful to be "prepared" and held across her knee and spanked until she felt a lesson was learned. Usually long after you felt it was a sufficient demonstration. But the real story lies in the fact that in our home you were never "too big"...
    I never got over the fear of "anticipating" a spanking and getting one and tried to avoid behaviors that would not could put you in that humiliating position across her lap. You could not help but feel like a little kid, begging for it to end and sincerely promising to be good.
    I was spanked by her from the age of eleven until I was past twenty(something I haven't admitted to many people. Just admitting to be spanked as a kid).
    To this day I find myself attracted to and feel most comfortable around that "alpha" female with a heavy hand. Thanks a lot mom and thank you ma'am for another opportunity to "vent".