Friday, April 11, 2014

Spanking Discipline: For Training in Manners and Etiquette

(New York City , NY)

A lot has changed since the mid '50s and 60's, in the way young women behave themselves and it's sad to say, not all for the better.  Conducting yourself like a lady, nowadays, is quaint and it's become common to drink like a fish,to be crude, sexually overt, and to show as much skin as is legally possible.  The Mystery is gone.  As a Disciplinarian, I believe it's high time to bring it back.

Not every girl in the early 60's had a strict upbringing,  went to finishing school or had a governess drilling them on the finer points of conduct.  Nevertheless, society was such that every  girl knew the basics, whether she chose to apply them or not.   

But watch any award show today or open a magazine, and you'll see women - in the public eye -  slouching and round shouldered in designer dresses, lumbering around in heels, or clearly under the influence.  Is it any wonder young women (and mature ones too) act accordingly?  In my opinion, these women need to brought under authority to learn the rudiments of  acceptable feminine behavior. 

And if you have a young woman that you truly care for who is rowdy and out of control,  it is your responsibility  to you drag her  off the street, clean her up and send her to a Disciplinarian for training  -  before it's too late. 

For everything one does, there is a right way and a wrong way.  Proper comportment is no exception.  I will brook no nonsense and take her in hand immediately.  Perhaps even put her over my knee and give her a good, sound bare bottom spanking to set the record straight as to who is in charge. 

People can tell a great deal about a woman by the way she carries herself,   and proper posture is extremely important. There will be no slouching.  She will balance books on top of her head - hours on end if necessary - until  she learns to rise to her full height and move with fluidity and grace.   

She will also learn to sit like a lady, to stand back - straight,  to enter a room, hold a cocktail  or a cup of tea; how to cross and uncross her legs, modulate her voice and (although I don't encourage it) to smoke a cigarette. 

 I demand perfection and will achieve this  at all costs, so if,  for any reason, I feel that she is not giving her all, not only will I spank her sore bottom again, but she may be caned as well. Afterward - raw, welted and all - I will make her sit on a hard wooden chair  to reconsider the wisdom of her defiance.


Of course, I do all this for her own good.  Because I'm certain that every woman - young and mature alike - desires to be lady but one whose manners don't appear  studied, and more "to the manner born". Since that's rarely the case these days,merciless etiquette training and strict corporal discipline is required.

However, there will be metamorphosis. 

And in the end, she will be grateful to you for taking this action -  and you will be more than pleased with yourself - but do try to remember,that being a lady takes constant practice and occasional reinforcement.  So if she becomes lax, don't be irritated.     Send her to be Disciplined.



Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

Georgia Cane: Disciplinarian

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  1. Ms. Cane certainly has it right. Her words theremselfves are awesome. Everyone needs a disciplinarian. I am no exception. Ms. Cane is so intimidating that I fear a discipline session by my self. to those who would like to approach Ms. Cane for a group disciplinary session, please contac me.