Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Fall is here and it's time, once again, to devote yourself to the business of productivity.  As you well know; 'nothing succeeds like success' and to achieve it, you must be ambitious, energetic and above all disciplined. Yet on occasion, even the best of you function, for extended periods of time, below par. That's because of inertia and it is the enemy of your personal, financial, creative, and social success. But as a Disciplinarian, I also know that if you cannot muster the strength to snap out of the fog on your own, then the burn of a leather belt, the smack of a wooden paddle, or sting of the cane  your bare behind will most certainly do it for you.

The reasons for inertia are unimportant.  I have identified the root causes for more than a few clients and it has done virtually nothing at all to change their behavior. But repeated hard and painful blows on the bare bottom - bare hand or implement - instantly wipes the ambivalence  from the brain; dormant endorphins release and depression leaves. But this is nothing new. 

Your mother, aunt or teacher probably didn't  know any of that.   What they did know, was that even the threat of  spanking your behind was bad enough to motivate you to do what you were supposed to do.

The trouble is you now lack that authority figure who holds you accountable, reprimands  and corrects your behavior by means of good, hard corporal spanking discipline and so I strongly suggest you find one.

 Look sharp and no excuses. 

 It's time to function at your optimum level.  But if, for any reason, you find  that you cannot meet the task at hand, a hard, blistering spanking on your bare bottom that leaves it red and tender a few days afterward will be just the thing to do it for you.  

In fact, I guarantee that  you will be up and running in no time at all.  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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  1. How is it the reasons for inertia are unimportant? Isn't it pertinent to find the root cause of the misbehavior? Sometimes a threat is not enough especially if the miscreant has always been able to talk their way out of a spanking. Some people need and a deserve a bottom burning, soul cleansing spanking.��

  2. Knowing the root cause is important, but even then, it's often not enough to motivate change in behavior. Psychiatrists do a fantastic job unearthing the root causes of behavior for their patients, but may also spend years exploring it while the (often destructive) behavior continues.
    The purpose of a spanking is to stop bad behavior dead in it's tracks. And no responsible authority figure will be charmed by a miscreant from doing what needs to be done for their own good.
    Inertia is listlessness. Listless is laziness. Laziness is unacceptable.
    A scolding, in no uncertain terms, along with a 'bottom burning, soul cleansing" spanking will "re set their clock" and get them going.
    Then you'll have all the time in the world to ruminate roots.