Tuesday, April 23, 2013


(New York City , NY)


Clients ask me why it's easier to cry with a bare handed spanking than it is with an implement  and I believe
 the reason is a matter of intimacy.

When it comes to Discipline,  nothing reinforces a  lesson better than a bare hand, spanking a bare backside while it's laying across my knee.  I can feel the message leave the palm of my hand to the base of their spine and shoot directly to the brain; and after a few minutes of blows to the bottom, it stays there.
That's because there is an intimacy to bare handed, bare bottom spankings that implements were deliberately designed to avoid.
After hand spanking was deemed too personal for corporal punishment in the class room, birches were introduced.  Then later, schools decided that, since birches  were used in homes, they were also unsuitable for institutions, and that's when cane replaced them. Similarly, Tawses  stood in for the strap.  These implements were used for the sake of formality, so disciplinary procedures were, of course, enacted.

It was often mandatory that a naughty boy assume a position and remain there -pants down.  This may mean bending over and holding his ankles, being bent over a desk or kneeling on a post.

The strikes were imposed and counted according to his infraction.  For example, twenty- five strokes of the cane for impertinence or ten blows of the tawse for unpreparedness and to add to his humiliation, his punishment was probably delivered in front of the class.  Nevertheless, he exercised discipline and self control of a Stoic in order to endure the pain - or risk  harsher punishment.  In truth, endurance was the subliminal (and invaluable), lesson.

As an OTK Disciplinarian, I expect no such compliance. In fact I expect resistance, and I'm equal to the task. I'll lock down struggling adult boy, hold him tightly over my knee; grab his hand if he tries to protect his bottom and spank the living daylights out of him.

My hand burns hotter than leather and stings more than any implement and I fully engage in no nonsense, non verbal communication in the same way a Strict Nanny, Mother, Aunt or Baby Sitter might.  Then the crying begins.

Crying is a catharsis that spanking can produce and the reason it's easier to achieve tears with a hot bare hand than it is a cold implement -  is intimacy.  

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


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