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Lately it's become clear that people require two types of Spanking: Disciplinary and Punishment. Yes, I know  both fall under the umbrella  of corporal punishment but I believe some distinctions do exist.

Discipline is given to enforce obedience, to train or achieve perfection. Personally, I prefer giving over the knee, bare hand to bare bottom spankings but I may also use a hairbrush.  Depending upon the infraction, I might even  bend them over a chair so that I can apply my belt, my paddle - or both.  
Scolding  is  important as well.  Strong verbal correction - without vulgarity or profanity - will ensure he understands the nature of his misdeed.  In some cases, corner time or  washing that mouth out with soap is in order. However,  no matter what method I choose, discipline is always followed by reassurance. 


But unlike discipline,  punishment is a penalty. It's impersonal, severe and administered with few words.   Punishment is consequence. And when someone's in need of punishment, a bare hand on his bare backside alone won't do but leather and wood will. 

 The Paddle, Tawse or Cane are my implements of choice. For punishment, the colder, and less personal the better, even if  your wife's the one burning your backside.

 True, in D/s,  Spanking and its terminology is fairly elastic but I have to say in the case of a Domnitrix and Disciplinarian, there's  a genuine difference.  For one thing, "bottoms" are not (generally) "subs" and while it's  all  power exchange   "submissives", unlike spankophile "bottoms" have real reluctance and fear at the thought of being held helplessly in place and spanked until pain wipes every  thought from their brain. They aren't receiving pleasure from pain itself,  but rather from the catharsis that follows - in addition to the endorphin release, mental clarity, confidence  and other empowering effects spanking provides. 

I notice that Europeans have no difficulty making the distinction between a Disciplinarian and Domnitrix and I  know people who visit them both.  Could be  because corporal punishment was so much a part of their education. After all, pain is the commonality.  It's the psychological approach and execution that differ. 

 So Discipline and Punishment aren't the same. 

And that is why Variety is the spice of life.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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